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**January 6, 2015 – Mbox Studio 3.9 released with all-new Pixel Mapping toolset! Please see note below about code-signing and the installer.**

**December 16, 2014 – New Dongle Drivers posted for compatibility with OSX 10.10 (Yosemite)**

Mbox® Studio is a software-only media server application, which can be installed and operated on any Apple Mac® computer (Intel processor, OSX 10.6.7 and higher). A compact version of Mbox software with eight playback layers, Studio still offers substantial power and versatility. This software operates identically to the full Mbox software in playback, effects, and transition functions. Studio can handle both SD and HD content, with no content or output size limitations. It offers eight playback layers, a fully functional pixel mapping toolset, pixel remapping, and 3D projection mapping. A demo content library, available as a separate download, can be used as a starting point for content creation with Mbox Studio.

Mbox Studio is an application intended for use on smaller productions and as an easily transportable addition to the Mbox family of products. Users of Mbox Studio can download and install Mbox Director (free), a simple yet sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) control application. Director allows users to configure and control all aspects of Mbox Studio content and playback on any Mac computer.

Alternatively, a moving light console may be used to control Mbox Studio; fixture profiles exist for popular consoles.

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Due to issues with Apple’s new code-signing practices, the Mbox Studio installer is currently unsigned. Until this
is fixed, please disable Gatekeeper on your computer before double-clicking on the installer. Alternately you can right-click on the installer and select “open” from the resulting menu.

Mbox Studio will run in demo mode until a license is purchased.
We strongly recommend downloading the software and testing on your computer prior to purchasing.

*Purchases made from the Mbox Studio Web Store are for a software license with limitations on the number of installations. If you would prefer a USB dongle that can be moved to any computer, please contact your local PRG office or email

**The End User License Agreement for Mbox Studio allows you to activate the software on up to two computers, but limits use of the software to only one computer at a time.  You are granted only two deactivations, which allow you to move your license to a new computer.  If you have used the two deactivations and two activations then you must purchase a new license for use on additional computers.


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