The 90th Academy Awards Dazzle with Lighting Provided by PRG


The 90th Oscars dazzled with lighting design by Bob Dickinson and Travis Hagenbuch. The Academy Awards were broadcasted from The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 4. To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of The Oscars, set design by Tony Award-winning Derek McLane featured 45 million Swarovski crystals that delighted the audience.

PRG was proud to provide an array of 350 assorted Philips Vari-Lite fixtures, over 225 Philips Color Kinetics LED fixtures, TMB Solaris Flares, and PRG Icon Edges (see full gear list below).  Lighting plots provided by Full Flood show what it takes to light the presenters, the winners, the stage, and the audience at this star-studded gala.

Lighting Team
Lighting Design Firm: Full Flood, Inc.
Lighting Designers: Bob Dickinson and Travis Hagenbuch
LD/Programmers: Andy O'Reilly and Patrick Boozer
Lighting Directors: Mike Berger, Ben Green, Madigan Stehly
Movie Theater LD: Dave Thibodeau
Movie Theater Remote Programmer: Patrick Brazil
Gaffer: Alen Sisul
Best Boy: Chris Lopez
PRG Techs: James Beaghan, Danny Villa, Janos Bode, Andrew Gonzales
Head Electric: Jason Seagrove
Head Electric/Panel Light: Chris Latsch
Floor Crew Assistants: Dennis Sisul, Chris Roseli, Orlando Gonzalez, Brian Marshall, Walter Elizalde, Brian Hoch
Floor Crew (non-assistants): Jeff Mcleod, Rick Thibideau, Kelly Kippen, Ted Way, Dean Kessler
Spotlights: Adam Hagin, Steve Leach, Scott Thorngate, Pamela Monroe, Kim Busse, Darrel Aranda, Joe Dominguez
PRG Account Manager: Tony Ward
PRG Production Coordinator: Jeff Javier

Lighting Gear List
200 Philips Vari-lite VL3500 Spot
150 Philips Vari-lite VL3500 Wash
70 Philips Vari-lite VL5
8 Philips Vari-lite VL6C
20 Philips Vari-lite VL2402
12 Philips Vari-lite VL6000 Beam
12 PRG Icon Edge
210 Philips Color Kinetics Color Blast TRX
12 Chroma-Q Color Block 2
12 TMB Solaris Flare
350 ETC Source Four
80 ETC Source Four PAR
20 MR11 20"
2 ARRI Skypanel
16 ARRI 650W Fresnel
100 ARRI 300W Fresnel
7 SuperTrouper Spot
Lots of RGBW LED Tape
Lots of LiteGear hybrid white LED tape

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