Our Venue Rigging Services

As one of the leading rigging companies in the region we know all the major venues and as a result understand what will and what will not work in a given location. We’ll take care of all rigging aspects of productions that take place in a venue, from technical drawings and weight loading analysis, through to specifying the kit needed, ordering plant, scheduling riggers and arranging delivery of all the rigging equipment to make the show happen.

We employ only the most highly qualified rigging personnel available who are experienced at working on a wide variety of events, operating efficiently and to European Health & Safety standards.

If you would like to discuss venue rigging services with us please get in touch.

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Learn more about our company, meet the UAE management team, and read about our aims and values.

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Rigging & Automation
Rigging and automation solutions for all types of entertainment and events projects. PRG United Kingdom.

Rigging & Automation Technology

Lighting and video technology both rely on the correct support structure. Visit our rigging and automation section to learn more about how we can help you!

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PRG Gearhouse

Phone: +971 (0)4 885 0541


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