Audio Technology

An audio system should usually enable the faithful reproduction of speech and music. Unfortunately, success not only depends on the microphones, mixers, and speakers you are using, but also largely on the acoustic conditions at the venue. So a space with long reverberation times requires a different approach than an open-air area.

Other factors include the required range, the desired directivity, volume level, frequency range, etc. Issues such as ambient humidity and the running time of the sound also play a major role when planning a sound system. In short, without an experienced technicians and seasoned account executives and a wide selection of specialized audio technology, you won’t achieve optimal results. PRG has many leading audio technicians, project managers, and account executives that have access to the latest in state-of-the-art audio products and technologies to support any production or event. 

On the following pages, we present a selection from our audio equipment inventory that shows the devices we frequently rent.


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