Unsurpassed excellence in the manufacture of stage and studio curtains, backdrops, and screens for the Australian entertainment industry

Trusted Quality
Proven quality and reliability are the reasons Australia’s world-renowned arts institutions, theatres, television programs, films, and special events have made PRG Showdrapes their leading source for custom-sewn drapes, screens, and backdrops.
Manufacturing to the highest-standards of workmanship, PRG’s expert team has years of experience handling and sewing the most specialized fabrics available. Working closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of fabrics, we select materials based on their quality and durability and we offer the most unique selection of fabrics.

Advanced Fabrics
Understanding that each fabric has its own properties and function, we source a wide range of products globally to provide our clients with the right material for every need.

PRG’s on-going efforts to advance fabric technologies include researching, developing, and testing new fabrics, and implementing best practices of workmanship. We have set an industry standard with the innovation of our Grand IFR Velvet drape and Black IFR Theatre Wool drapes. Our flagship fabric, Ultimate IFR Theatre Wool and Black IFR Wool, are made to PRG’s own exacting specifications and are ideally suited to theatre, television and large scale stadium applications. PRG’s Wool fabrics are inherently flame retardant without chemical treatment and meets the Building Code of Australia requirements.

Reliable Expertise
Our state-of-the-art, spacious facilities can handle any size drapery project. Our skilled staff, who have decades of combined experience, work on only the highest-quality machinery. We have pre-hang capabilities in our shop, as well as compressed air cleaning, so that every drape is handled and delivered in pristine condition.
PRG is second to none in experience, facilities, quality of materials and workmanship, innovation, and range of fabric selection. We are proud to earn the trust of our clients with results that are on time, on budget, and surpass expectations.

Our reputation is sewn into every drape.


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