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Whether you are looking for LED video technology or the state-of-the-art projection, PRG offers the highest level of creative flexibility while at the same time providing superior image quality with our extensive range of video technology options. PRG offers a full range of the most advanced and widely-used video technology for any production. Our video teams have the experience required to recommend and provide the right equipment for any project. PRG can provide a LED walls, monitors, screens, projectors or media servers from a range of manufacturers.

Our deep understanding of  video technology includes our own PRG Nocturne products are all designed in lightweight modules that feature precise color calibration for module-to-module matching and wide viewing angles for use in a variety of venues and seating configurations. PRG’s flexible yet rugged modular design offers designers unlimited creative options while balancing the practical needs of a production. PRG LED video products use a quick-deployment touring frame, which provides easy setup and efficient disassembly. We constantly change and expand our inventory so if you don't see what you might be looking for please contact us directly.

On the following pages, you will find a selection our video equipment inventory. This sampling of some of our most popular rental items but it is only a sampling so please contact us to discuss all of our video systems and services.


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Linkin Park "The Hunting Party" Tour
See why PRG Nocturne's V-Thru Transparent Video Screen was the right choice for Linkin Park.

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