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A sound system has to enable the faithful reproduction of speech and music. Unfortunately, success not only depends on the microphones, mixers and speakers you are using, but also largely on the acoustic conditions of the chosen venue. A church, for example, with long reverberation times requires a different approach than an open-air area.

Other factors include the required range, the desired direction, volume level, frequency range, etc... Our team of experts in this field, works under the supervision of Patrick Demoustier, who is well known in the industry and has amongst others, worked for Night of the Proms, Simple Minds and Rock Werchter. 

On the following pages, we present a selection of our equipment portfolio that shows the devices we most frequently use.

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Patrick Demoustier

Our contact person for Audio Technology

Phone: +32 (0) 16 61 53 00

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Fabrizio Valsesia

Our expert in sound technology

Phone: +32 (0) 2 663 21 87

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Research & Development

PRG Proprietary Products

In our research & development department in Dallas, Texas we are developing products for over 30 years now.

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Present your ideas as they deserve it!

Read more about our services for event visualization

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Pre-Programming Suite

You want to be better prepared!

Through pre-production it is possible to time reduce installation and arrangement work at the event location.

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Making Of

Watch at our video update of the "Making of PRG LEA 2014/2015" on the preparation and implementation of the Live Entertainment Awards 2014/2015!

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