Follow Spots

This section contains an overview of the follow spots we commonly use. PRG offers an extensive fleet of  fllowspots from various manufacturer as for example Lycian or Robert Juliat. Further, our own PRG GroundControl Followspot System is award winning and available. And most large moving lights are also increasingly being used as follow spots. In principle, any profile spot can be used as a follow spot. Please call or email us if you don’t see what you’re looking for. 

  • Lycian 1271
  • Robert Juliat TOPAZE
  • Robert Juliat VICTOR - 1159B
  • Lycian 1290 XLT
  • Robert Juliat ALEX
  • Robert Juliat ARAMIS
  • Robert Juliat CYRANO
  • Robert Juliat LANCELOT

Lycian 1271

HMI - 1.2 kW
Angle: 4.3°-10.3°
Weight: 60 kg
Measurements: 55 x 129 x 53 cm
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Robert Juliat TOPAZE

MSD - 1.2 kW
Angle: 7°-14.5°
Weight: 37 kg
Measurements: 45 x 115 x 44 cm
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Robert Juliat VICTOR - 1159B

MSR - 1.8 kW
Angle: 7°-14.5°
Weight: 33 kg
Measurements: 45 x 126 x 44 cm
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Lycian 1290 XLT

Xenon - 2 kW
Angle: 3°-7.5°
Weight: 84.5 kg
Measurements: 57 x 185 x 49.5 cm
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Robert Juliat ALEX

Tungsten 2 / 2.5 kW
Angle: 7°-14.5°
Weight: 35 kg
Measurements: 45 x 115 x 44 cm
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Robert Juliat ARAMIS

HMI - 2.5 kW
Angle: 4.5°-8°
Weight: 59 kg
Measurements: 50.5 x 149 x 55 cm
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Robert Juliat CYRANO

HMI - 2.5 kW
Angle: 3°-8°
Weight: 150 kg
Measurements: 50.5 x 165.5 x 55 cm
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Robert Juliat LANCELOT

HTI - 4 kW
Angle: 2°-5°
Weight: 125 kg
Measurements: 58 x 200 x 63.5 cm
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Prolight + Sound
PRG auf der prolight+sound 2016

PRG at "Prolight + Sound" in Frankfurt

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