High-level sport and high technology at the European Championships 2022 in Munich


With the European Championships Munich 2022, the largest multi-sport event since the 1972 Summer Olympics took place in Munich in August. From 11 to 21 August 2022, Europe's best athletes competed for the coveted gold medals in the disciplines of beach volleyball, canoe racing, climbing, athletics, cycling, rowing, table tennis, triathlon and gymnastics.

Within the Olympic Park at the heart of the event and beyond, the entire city dressed up for a spectacular and incomparable experience. The concept for this event was “World-class sport supported by a colourful festival”, which was a complete success. The organisers, the athletes, the international audience and the residents of Munich were all thrilled.

For PRG, this multi-sports event was a challenge unlike any other as the seven sports venues managed by PRG had to be staged with individual technological solutions.

  • PRG supplied lighting, sound, video and rigging for the venues in the Olympic Park (including Olympic Stadium, Olympic Hall, and Olympic Hill which involved public viewing with LED containers).
  • At the swimming hall, we installed lighting, sound, video and rigging in the finish area for the triathlon and the MTB races. 
  • In Munich's city centre, Königsplatz (beach volleyball / bouldering), Odeonsplatz (cycling races, marathon), and at the regatta course, PRG supplied lighting, rigging, audio and video. 
  • In the Rudi Sedlmayer Hall, where the table tennis competitions took place, one of the challenges was to install glare and reflection free broadcast lighting and rigging over the entire playing area. 
  • The same applied for the gymnastics, which took place in the Olympic Hall. The audience could also keep up with the results on large display LED walls and bands installed by PRG.
  • As a special construction, PRG supplied an LED gate for the finish at Odeonsplatz which was adjusted in height depending on the sport (cycling / marathon). A special requirement here was to design a base that was as slim as possible so that the entire gate could be set up in the most space-saving way possible: 

European Championships Munich 2022

European Championships Munich 2022

The almost simultaneous equipping of all these venues was also a mammoth task for PRG logistically as, in total, PRG installed 170 tonnes of equipment.
130 technicians and helpers worked over 2,000 man-days from 28 July to 21 August to install the technology, monitor it during the Championships and dismantle it at the end of the event. 

Florian Michael Weber, Creative Director European Championships 2022: "We are creating venues where there are normally none, which is why you need a flexible partner like PRG who can react to this and also help spontaneously with new technology. I think it's exactly this flexibility that makes it so strong and has made Munich 2022 what it has become."

René Rarrel, PRG Director Outdoor LED, added: "It really was a sports festival, the individual sports were well attended, even on the day of the Olympic Park event it was watched by young and old - the European Championships were an outstanding sports event." 

All in all, it was the biggest multi-sport event in Germany since Munich 1972, and the planning was suitably exciting and demanding. PRG is very proud to have been a part of it and would like to thank all those involved for their fantastic commitment and excellent cooperation, both beforehand and on-site. It made this amazing event a complete success for the competitive sports, for the spectators, and also in terms of the technical implementation.



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