Join our educational work program for individuals who wish to explore a career with us and develop hands-on knowledge and skill in the business of entertainment technology. In our structured-yet-flexible program, interns rotate through various functions of a particular discipline, giving them a comprehensive overview of the different aspects of the field. This is an unsurpassed opportunity to get real-world credentials and begin to develop a professional network that will last a lifetime.


PRG internships are paid, educational work experiences for individuals who wish to explore a career with us and/or develop hands-on knowledge and skills in the business of entertainment technology. Each intern will:

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All applicants must be currently eligible to work in the country where the internship is located. For US internships, applicants must pass a drug test prior to employment. To qualify, you must meet at least ONE of the following criteria:

Check back in 2025 for next year's program!



Scenic Operations Intern

"Working directly with PRG employees, and providing input on company projects, allowed me to develop a familiarity with the processes driving the custom design and fabrication side of the entertainment industry. I learned from people having years worth of knowledge coming from diverse backgrounds. Spending the summer gaining hands on work experience at PRG was invaluable."


Lighting Technology Intern

"My favorite part of the internship was the people. Within my internships, both this year and last year, the most valuable thing about the program was the people I met and worked with at PRG. I am grateful to have learned from the talented group that PRG has assembled."


Camera Prep Intern

“The amount of industry standard equipment and components and cameras right at my fingertips is invaluable to getting a head start on my career in the broadcast/film industry, Without this internship I wouldn’t be able to use some of the equipment here for many years into my career but right now I can just let my curiosity take me to whatever I want to learn and experiment with!"