PRG Celebrates Broadway Success with Extensive Support for 2024 Tony-Nominated Shows

With the Tony Awards ahead on June 16th, the Broadway community is looking back on its remarkable achievements spanning every theatrical genre and scale of production. It’s a body of work worth celebrating and PRG is happy to have contributed significantly.

For over three decades, PRG has played a pivotal role in the Broadway community, providing essential services such as lighting, audio, video, scenic, automation and more. This season, PRG has lent its expertise to an impressive 31 out of 36 Tony-eligible shows, including numerous 2024 Tony nominees.

Highlights include:

Tony nominated productions in the top categories, supported by PRG:

The Tony Awards ceremony will be live broadcast on CBS on June 16.

PRG Contact:
Alex Donnelly
VP and GM, PRG

Media Contact:
Nadine Pena
Hustle & Co