PRG Provides Production Support for J Balvin, Doja Cat, Anti Up and More at Coachella 2024

In the heart of the Coachella Valley, amidst the pulsating beats and vibrant energy of the massive crowd, PRG supported more than 10 different artists on various stages, helping to make their performances stand out among the 147 acts performing over both 3-day weekends of the world-renowned festival. From Doja Cat’s bold and brilliant headlining set on the main stage to Faye Webster’s dreamy daytime performance in the Mojave tent, PRG helped each artist deliver their unique brand with expert solutions, innovative production technology and dedicated account teams.


UK rave duo Anti Up, who also have flourishing solo careers as Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo, crafted an unforgettable visual experience for their closing performance on Friday night of the fest. Creative Director Zach Berget of Wasted Potential shared insights into the creative journey and challenges faced in bringing Anti Up's unique vision to life.

Berget explained that the design drew inspiration from Anti Up's roots in UK warehouse rave culture, aiming to translate the raw energy of 90s warehouse raves into a modern Coachella spectacle. The goal was to infuse the design with a distinct aesthetic twist that captured the essence of Anti Up's music while ensuring it resonated with the festival audience.

The design itself was a testament to creativity and innovation. Custom-built speaker towers and a DJ table were crafted to evoke the makeshift feel of a warehouse rave, while scaffolding enveloped speaker stacks, connected by random cabling and banners. Rustic textures were applied to speakers to create an authentic ambiance, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

Berget highlighted the strategic lighting design, which utilized a combination of JDCs, VL2600s, foggers, and Viostorm UV lights, all provided by PRG. These lights served multiple purposes, from showcasing the fabrication of the speakers to unveiling hidden graffiti with the UV paint. The inclusion of lasers atop each tower added a spectacular visual element, heightening the overall impact of the performance.

Despite the challenges posed by Coachella's diverse stages and height restrictions, Berget expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort between PRG and Anti Up's team. He credited PRG's dedicated support and attention to detail, particularly Account Executive Brooke Hershey and Project Manager Daniel Sanchez, for elevating the performance to new heights and ensuring a seamless execution of the design by providing a testing environment to ensure that the perfect fixtures were selected.

Reflecting on the performance itself, Berget said “we made it a point to put on a well-directed show that would force people walking by to stop or pull people in who heard it from a distance. Our set only complimented the music that was being played, and that music speaks for itself. It's big, has a punk feel, is very energetic and allows for huge moments. Overall, we were very happy with our turnout and the responses we saw online.”


Lighting and Production Designer Parker Genoway of Silent House Design Group brought Doja Cat's vision to life, using expert lighting to set the mood, casting shadows and highlighting an interplay between hard edges and soft textures throughout the night. PRG provided the lighting, LED and rigging for Sunday night's headlining set.

From the dark tones of 'Demons' to the thematic exploration of her relationship to her hair through dancers clad in yeti costumes, every moment was a testament to the artist’s fearless creativity. Complemented by a live band and a backdrop reminiscent of an industrial power plant, Doja's decision to showcase her rap tracks over her pop hits felt seamlessly integrated, amplifying the overall experience.


PRG provided power distribution and lighting for Latin superstar J Balvin’s out-of-this-world main stage performance, which featured an array of alien inflatables and sci-fi spectacles imagined by Creative Director Jean-Baptiste Blot of Motion Music. Amidst a surreal backdrop of a hovering UFO, Balvin emerged on stage, igniting a night of celestial entertainment. The Medellín native kicked off his electrifying set with the iconic "Mi Gente," immediately mesmerizing the audience with his magnetic stage presence and boundless energy.

Accompanied by collaborators Jowel & Randy and De La Ghetto, Balvin seamlessly fused classic reggaetón rhythms with avant-garde electronic punctuation, ensuring a dynamic performance that kept the audience enraptured and dancing throughout the night. The immersive stage design from Motion Music further elevated the experience, transporting spectators into a futuristic realm of music and spectacle.


During her Coachella debut on Friday afternoon, Faye Webster graced the stage with her laid-back, sun-soaked tunes, perfectly complemented by the daylight setting of the Mojave tent. Performing tracks from her latest album, "Underdressed at The Symphony," Webster captivated the audience amidst a charming laundromat-themed stage, adorned with clothing lines and a plethora of blue garments, reminiscent of her album cover. As she strummed her guitar, Jon Foresman’s expertly orchestrated lighting design added a vibrant touch to Webster's performance, enhancing the ambiance and immersing the audience in her surf rock riffs.


In addition to Faye Webster's performance, PRG provided stellar support for a lineup of diverse artists, showcasing their expertise across lighting, audio, video, and automation. From Gesaffelstein’s electrifying lighting to Charlotte de Witte's immersive visual experience, PRG's commitment to excellence shone through.

Zach Berget encapsulated the difference in working with PRG, emphasizing the invaluable synergy that allowed him to focus on his creative vision while trusting PRG to handle the intricate details with precision and care.

“It's the ability to not have to watch over every movement and just know that it's being taken care of the right way. PRG really understood the importance of this show for my team. They catered to pretty much every task and took care of us in a way I know a lot of others wouldn't,” he said.

Our unwavering dedication ensured the success of each performance, leaving a lasting impression on both artists and audiences alike.

Additional Credits:

Management: Brett Fischer // Chris Lake Management // Ayita
Management: Morgan Langworthy // Chris Lake Management // Ayita
Management: Marc Thomas // Chris Lorenzo Management // Red Light Management
Management: Nick Gomez-Garcia // Chris Lorenzo Management // Red Light Management
Tour Manager: Patrick Roll // CSP
Project/Production Manager: Ebony Madry // WastedPotential
Graphic Designer: Nick Proctor // WastedPotential
Lighting Programmer/Director: Jordan Noltner // WastedPotential
Lighting Director: Griffin Dennen - Weekend 1 // WastedPotential
Notch Programmer: Trevor Boesiger // WastedPotential
Video Director: Erica Burgess // WastedPotential
Laser Provider: Adam Labay // Precision Lasers
Laser Programmer/Operator: Frank Lopez // Precision Lasers
Stage Manager: Matty Rigg // WastedPotential
Fabricator: Camilo Barilari // The Art Firm
PRG Account Executive: Brooke Hershey
PRG Project Manager: Daniel Sanchez

Creative Producer, Lighting & Production Designer: Parker Genoway of Silent House
Lighting Programmer: Mark Humphrey
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PRG Account Executive: Anthony Ciampa
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LED Tech: Jose Romero
Video Engineer: Dakota Bennett
Video Camera Operator: Peter Morgado
Video Camera Operator: Gregorio Parson
Video Camera Operator: Daryl Pearson

Creative Director: Jean-Baptiste Blot of Motion Music
Production Manager: Chase Meyer
Audio Engineer: Brandon Ambrose
Neal Nance
Wade Hinshaw
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Lighting Crew Chief: Marco Sanchez
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Lighting Tech: Richard Guillen
Lighting Tech: Danny Villa

Production Design, Lighting Design, Visuals: Jon Foresman
Set Design, Fabrication: Kowboy.Co, Samuel Krause, Carisa Ibanez
Production Manager: Emma Hawkes, Lookoutkid
Tour Manager: Alicia Blake
PRG Account Executive: Hanna Scherneck
Lighting Tech: Matthew Mekonen