And Justin for All

“Our goal every night with this show is to try to inspire as many people as possible and to give as many positive messages to the world as we can. We know everyone is always going through some- thing, so we wanted to create a visually pleasing, positive pop show that also has positive messaging behind it,” explains Nick DeMoura, principal of The Concept Club and creative director/production designer for Justin Bieber’s Justice Tour. “The show is not just something that people can escape from; they can come and be inspired by it.”

The production features a massive wave of LEDs. The set, which can morph into a variety of configurations, features a floor, upstage wall, and ceiling covered with LED panels supplied by PRG. “We purchased ROE Visual CB8 LED tiles, the Yes Tech floor LED, Panasonic 4K PTZ cameras, a Ross Ultrix switcher, and a variety of 12G video gear,” explains Anthony “Looch” Ciampa, VP sales, music at PRG.

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