Archer Maker Unveil

360 Degree Audio Camera Lighting
Virtual Production

Archer premiered Maker, their full-scale electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, to the world by transforming an empty airplane hangar in Hawthorne, CA into a stage with live extended reality and immersive binaural sound, all live streamed for audiences at home and in-person to experience.

Archer’s goal was that their Maker Unveil Event would be as technologically groundbreaking as their vision for urban air mobility. In the early stages of planning, Archer came to PRG for xR support, but ended up going with the company for all of their production needs. PRG handled the full suite of services including LED, projection, broadcast, camera, lighting, audio, rigging, technical design, crew and even catering.

A truck was built to house a mobile version of PRG’s Virtual Production Studio setup, complete with all the necessary gear and software from xR partners including Disguise, Brompton, Stype, Roe, Unreal Engine and L’Acoustics.

Archer Makers on xR stage built by PRG

Watch the full unveil event at the link: Maker Unveil Event - Livestream - YouTube

Creative Director: Kenny Taht
Executive Producer: Tom Eberts
Technical Producer: Ed Lantz

PRG Crew
Show Director: Sara Zelman
Technical Director and Switcher: Gene McAuliffe
Technical Production Manager: Nicole Plaza
Stage Manager: Payden Adams

xR Integration: All of It Now
xR Project Management: Danny Firpo
xR Operators: Neil Carman and Charles Dabezies
Truck EIC: Anthony Wilson
Media Server Engineer and Camera Tracking: Naoki Ogawa
Truck Utility: Cody Luensman

LED Crew Chief: Eric Geiger
LED Technicians: Humberto Murillo, Dave Keipert, Ryker Riley, Courtney McDaniel, Allen Gutierrez

Video Engineer and Camera Shader: Dakota Bennett
Video Engineer: Alfredo Herz
Movie Bird Operators: Jason Kay and Chris Pevey
Furio Operator: Jeff Apregren
PTZ Operator: Gerald Rogers
Video Utility: Casey Bowen
Streaming Video Engineer: Jason Hennion
Steadicam: Miguel Pask
1st AC/Focus Puller: Layna McAllister

L'Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Audio: Vic Wagner, Carlos Mosquera, and David Brooks
Audio Project Management: Mike Murante
Audio Engineer/Mixer: Jim Ebdon
A1: Chuck Smith
A2: Dillon Tostado
Comms Engineer: Andrew Hua

Lighting Design: Tom Huston
Lighting Programmer: Jason Baeri
Lighting Crew Chief: Danny Villa
Lighting Utility: Jim Mescery
Ground Control: Michael Dodge
Lighting Technicians: Kurt Thormodsen, Kristopher Mendoza, Matthew Wyman

Head Rigger and Kabuki: George Stingel
Riggers: George Wilson and Sebastian Feliszak

Projection: Francisco Hernandez and Drew Welker
Stage Hands: Theresa Burnell, Thomas Wallace, Richard Guillen, Bryce Pico

Account Executive: Francesca Benevento
VP of Production: Jeroen Hallaert
Global Sales Officer: Jens Zimmermann
Order Manager: Shayne Stalnaker
Sales Coordinator: Chelsy Jensen
CAD Draftsman: Oliver Chen
COVID-19 Officers: Valdis Dauksts, Mike Renault

Archer Maker aircraft simulated flying on xR stage
Archer Maker Launch