John Davidson Talks Esports in India

BW Businessworld, India’s largest business magazine, asked PRG's Esports Director, John Davidson, give his perspective on the future of esports in India the latest issue of their magazine, which was published over the July 4th weekend. Read the full article to hear his take on what’s next for mobile esports and how India fits into the future of entertainment.

"Mobile gaming provides portability, which consoles and PC gaming do not. If there was ever a group that did not require human interaction, it would be gamers — digitally savvy and technologically connected online. However, the importance of human connection is rarely expressed more passionately than at esports competitions and gaming conventions, where we see unparalleled attendance and participation through collaboration and cosplay. Mobile gaming enables both online connectivities with in-person interaction." - John Davidson for BW Businessworld

John is one of the best known and respected strategists and thought-leaders in the space. He helps PRG's clients navigate esports’ business structure, personalities and, most importantly, its fiercely independent and authentic culture. In addition to his role at PRG, John is currently Chair of the Esports Trade Association, having previously served as President.