Drake Video Series

Our newest video series, ‘Views from the Crew' is an unfiltered look at the masterminds maneuvering behind the scenes of Drake's 'It's All A Blur' tour. This tour isn’t just a series of performances, but a reflection of Drake’s profound artistic journey from concept to stage. Five years off the touring grid and the air buzzing with talk of a new album – we’re beyond thankful to collaborate with Drake’s trailblazing artistic team on lighting, video and crew services.

This is an exclusive journey behind the curtain of one of the biggest tours out there, featuring three episodes, each offering a sneak peek into the unseen.

Major props to the crew who master the Ayrton Domino Longthrow fixtures, PRG GroundControls®, Bosch IR Illuminators, the wireless system and blend cutting-edge tech with custom tour-able power supply’s. A rig so monumental, we have two Lighting Crew Chiefs to steer the ship.

See all the videos here: