Keith Urban’s LED Spire

Keith Urban debuted an LED spire last month at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace where he kicked off his Las Vegas residency.

The design element is an automated three-sided, 50-foot LED bar with hidden lighting and special effects. The artist’s team and lighting designer Ben Dalgleish encompassed five different disciplines in one design by seamlessly integrating automated rigging, LED, lighting, special effects, and custom fabrication.

Keith Urban
Keith Urban

The spire was packaged in a single scenic element designed for quick deployment and minimal load-in and load-out preparation, with the entire rig taking less than 28 feet of truck space once loaded into custom carts designed and manufactured in-house.

It will withstand up to 45 degrees of yaw during show movements and can be shortened up to 40 feet in order to account for smaller venues.

All design and manufacturing was done in-house with PRG partners and was designed, manufactured and delivered to show site within two and a half weeks.


PRG Team

Chris Shaffer – Technical Project Manager Integration
Evan Cervantes - Technical LED Project Manager
Oliver Chen – Technical Design Specialist
Jeroen Hallaert – Director of PRG Production Services
Jennifer Bass - Technician
Gerald McDougald II – LED Crew Chief
Matthew Buttler – Lighting Crew Chief
Hannah Ackerley – Lighting Tech
William Stevenson – Automation Programmer/Operator
Rusty Wingfield – PRG Video Project Manager
Joe Beenan – PRG Lighting Project Manager
John Wiseman – PRG Account Executive
Bonnie J. Howland – PRG Automation Project Manager