PRG Shines Bright at the 36th Annual Premio Lo Nuestro with Innovative LED Solutions


Miami, FL – On February 22, the 36th Annual Premio Lo Nuestro, the crown jewel of Latin music awards, dazzled audiences at Miami's Kaseya Center with unforgettable performances by some of the biggest names in the industry including Maluma, Grupo Frontera, Camilo & Evaluna, Gente De Zona and Yuridia & Angela Aguilar. Adding an extra layer of brilliance to this star-studded event from Univision was lighting design by Tom Kenny and set design by Jorge Dominguez, who employed PRG to complete the LED order.

PRG took pride in elevating the visual experience of Premio Lo Nuestro with their exceptional LED expertise. PRG played a crucial role in enhancing the overall production quality of the awards show.


One notable highlight of PRG's involvement was the custom frames developed for the award show's video closedown screens. The closedown frames that had been used in previous years posed some issues as they took hours to set up across multiple departments and were heavy.

Taking charge of the situation, PRG Project Manager Luke Lewis recognized the need for a superior solution and sought the expertise of PRG CAD designer Madelyn Principe. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the specifications, Madelyn worked swiftly to design a modular frame system for the ROE CB Series LED Tiles. The result was a revolutionary solution that not only met the tight weight limits but also provided flexibility by allowing curvature, be it convex or concave.


The success of Madelyn's design was evident in its flawless execution during the event – a perfect fit that saved approximately 15 working hours during load in and about two hours during load out. The efficiency and visual appeal of the design exceeded expectations, making it a standout feature of Premio Lo Nuestro.

Luke expressed his admiration for Madelyn's work, stating, "Madelyn took an idea I had and created a fully functioning system from it." He emphasized the importance of having a customizable, reusable solution that not only met the immediate needs but also promised to be a valuable asset for future Univision shows and potentially other live televised music events.

Time saving solutions like this ensure that creatives can spend their time and energy working on the aesthetics of the event. This was evident in the execution of the award show. The artistic prowess of Jorge Dominguez elevated the awards show. His ability to seamlessly merge artistic vision with technical precision provided the perfect backdrop for the sensational performances that graced the stage. Dominguez's work not only complemented the vibrant energy of Latin music but also showcased his unparalleled talent in creating immersive and visually stunning environments.


Set Design: Jorge Dominguez
Lighting Design: Tom Kenny
PRG Account Executive: Anthony “Looch” Ciampa
PRG Project Manager/LED Engineer: Luke Lewis
CAD Design: Madelyn Principe
PRG LED Technical Product Manager: Josh Marrano
PRG LED Crew Chief: Colton Carroll
PRG LED Tech: Pablo Moreira
PRG LED Tech: Travis Shipley
Content/Media Servers: Joey Kranz & 5th Element Productions