We believe our future will be shaped by leadership with both legacy expertise in production and technology and fresh outside perspectives. Today's team reflects that balance.


Stephan Paridaen Chief Executive Officer

Jere Harris Executive Chairman, Chief Creative Officer & Founder

Scott Hansen Chief Operating Officer

Greg Christian General Counsel, SVP Human Resources

Ian Dunhill Chief Financial Officer

Karolin Kirkpatrick SVP, Crew Services & Global Scenic

Todd Hoddick President, Entertainment

Ron Prince Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Cahill Chief Information Officer

Ariane Coldiron SVP, Corporate Events

Market Leads

Lauren Hendricks SVP Business Development, Corporate Events

Randy Hutson SVP, Music

Alex Donnelly Vice President & General Manager – Broadway

John Wiseman Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales


Andrew “Hamish” Mills Senior Vice President of Operations

Jennifer Christiansen Vice President, Procurement


Joe Cirillo SVP, Finance

Daniel Mollicone Senior Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

Madhuri Rao Senior Vice President, Business Strategy, Finance & Analytics


Susan Eisner Senior Vice President, Counsel

Bob Manners General Counsel for Finance & Corporate Affairs


Laura Barry Director of Brand Marketing & Content

Anne Johnston VP, Marketing & Product Strategy

Alex Schnulle Director of Marketing, North American Markets


Gary Boyd Co-President EMEA & APAC

Tom Van Hemelryck Co-President EMEA & APAC

Simon Watkin SVP Finance, EMEA & APAC

Morten Carlsson Vice President, Crewzone

Valérie Cuno VP Marketing, EMEA & APAC

Peter McCann Vice President Middle East

John Swain VP, APAC

Richard Williams Managing Director UK 


Chris Conti Chief Innovation Officer

Frederic Opsomer VP, Global Scenic

Company Founders

Darren DeVerna - In Tribute CEO, Global Theatre

Fred Gallo President, PRG's Scenic Technologies

John Wolf EVP

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