People. Production. Possibility.

The events of the past year have forced transformation in the events industry. PRG has emerged as a new company, ready for a new world, with a focus on the people who deliver endless possibilities in every form of production.

It's the people who make PRG. The gear only matters in the hands of our expert engineers, experts, artisans and technologists who shape the solutions that bring our customer's ideas to life. If you call us and ask for the impossible, we'll say yes—because we have the people capable of delivering it.

We're better, sharper, faster, and more broadly skilled than we were before the pandemic started. PRG has historically been the home to the deepest and most respected bench of talent in our business, and that's more true now than ever. We're ready for anything a customer may need, individually with our expanded skillsets and collectively with our expanded portfolio of solutions.

Rethink what you know about us and discover all we have to offer.