Our proprietary 35LIVE!® technology elevates television events by giving them a cinematic look and feel. 35LIVE! combines the power and immediacy of live broadcast with a big-screen aesthetic. Film-style, large sensor camera systems with lightweight, modular setups are key to implementing this solution. A dedicated team of technical specialists work together to produce astounding cinematic imagery, 100% live. The system is compatible with any camera and serves as a valuable tool for repurposing original content for television, streaming, theatres, or DVD/Blu-ray.

The 35LIVE! workflow replaces the traditional multi-camera approach with digital 35mm cinema cameras and lenses. Our experts work with the DP to bring cinematic imagery to the aesthetic vision of the project, using technology that delivers, whether pre-recorded or broadcast live.

System Components:

- Modular, purpose-built fly-pack systems or full-truck capabilities to accommodate any scale of production
- Small fly-packs or truck amenities
- All Signals on a single piece of fiber
- State-of-the-art comms
- Optional EVS 4K Record/Playback
- 2K / 4K / 6K / 8K
- Features optics from: Zeiss, Canon, Fujinon, Cooke and Angenieux

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