Ncam® Mk2 System

The Ncam Reality Solution is a “one-size-fits-all” hybrid camera tracking solution for all AR, MR and XR scenarios, including studios and outdoor environments with compatibility for all pro cameras and lenses. It is comprised of the revolutionary Reality 2022 software combined with the innovative modular Mk2 hardware.

- Hybrid tracking capabilities provide the ability to mix natural features, fiducial objects and reflective markers

- Track any camera, with any lens, whether on LED stages, green screens, or remote locations

- Fast setup with no requirement for time-consuming learning or surveying of the environment

- Ncam Reality learns its environment automatically and in real-time with no volume or space limitations

Ncam Reality is controlled via a web-based user interface that can be accessed wirelessly from your phone, tablet or PC. The software is compatible with all real-time render engines and platforms including Brainstorm, Disguise, Pixotope, Unreal Engine and Vizrt.

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