On this page we are showing a list of designers who were engaged in the events presented on our website and we work with regularly. You can read more details about their field of work and references via the included links.

  • parfums de lumière
  • Concept K
  • Les Petits Français
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Valérie Cuno

Our contact person for the Credits

Phone: +32 (0) 476 985 113

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About PRG

PRG - Who are we

On our company page you learn more about PRG as a company, our history and which philosophy we represent.

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Present your ideas as they deserve it!

Read more about our services for event visualization

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Pre-Programming Suite

You want to be better prepared!

Through pre-production it is possible to time reduce installation and arrangement work at the event location.

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PRG Best Boy
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Spacecannons: Always a great effects to attract attention!

7.000 W Spacecannons - an outdoor projector that is guaranteed to attract attention.

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