200 Days to Paris 2024 Olympics Countdown Begins!

🏅 Only 200Days until the Paris Olympics and Paralympic Games 2024 kick-off! 🎉 The excitement is palpable as the entertainment and events sector gears up for this historic celebration.

Throwback on the Catwalk to Paris event last month at the Skyhall in Zaventem. Belgian Olympic and Paralympic athletes presented the official tailor-made outfits

during a fashion show called “Road to Paris”, for which PRG provided rigging, lighting, sound and LED. A true testament to our commitment to exceptional experiences.

We would like to thank Team Belgium, Golazo and Invisible Ink!

Anticipation is crucial as we approach a bustling summer season and the Olympic Games. 
With our local presence in Paris and vast technology and talent pool, PRG stands ready to deliver unparalleled branding and hospitality services. 🇫🇷✨