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From the Shrek and Mamma Mia international tours, the Cats European tour and the Thriller, American Idiot, Jersey Boys, Wicked, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Let it Be UK tours; PRG have a thorough understanding of the complexities of touring theatre.

We supply scalable lighting hire packages with the flexibility of being adaptable to different touring venues. Our large inventory of the most popular lighting fixtures offers the freedom to realise your design with the minimum amount of compromise.

Why not speak to one of our video team and discover how our technology can be used to realise or enhance your creative vision? Our customisable LED video screens and projectors can be easily transported and form a staple part of many touring theatre productions.

Whatever your event technology needs are, the level of support offered by PRG is without peer within the industry. As well as our lighting and video hire services, we also have extensive prep space available in our Longbridge facility; and a 24 hour support network which aims to resolve any issues, wherever you are in the world, as quickly and effectively as possible. All our electrical equipment is compliant with BS7909 and fully certified for PAT and RCD tests.

Please view the options below to see what PRG has to offer and visit our news blog to see examples of the shows we’ve recently been working on.

  • Stage Automation
  • Lighting Products
  • Projection Solutions
  • LED Video Screens
  • Video Camera Systems
  • Rigging
  • CAD Services
  • Pre-Visualisation
  • Media Servers
  • Prep Facilities

Stage Automation

The movement of people, set and scenery during a live show is covered by the technical discipline of stage automation.

PRG have a rich history of making things move on stage, having introduced the world to the Stage Command motion control system when it made its entrance on Broadway over 25 years ago. Theatre technology has moved on significantly since then but PRG are still at the forefront of stage automation innovation with our proprietary motion control system: the Commander Automation Console which has been used on shows such as Beautiful in the West End, Queen & Adam Lambert’s 2015 European tour, Wicked UK theatre tour and Drake’s headline performance at the 2015 Wireless music festival.

Lighting Products

Event lighting hire is one of the core services PRG offers. Our inventory of moving lights, LED lighting, conventional and tungsten luminaires, followspots and intelligent lighting products has a global reach. In addition to our own cutting-edge range of proprietary lights and control consoles, PRG stock lighting products by leading event technology brands including Clay Paky, Vari*Lite, Martin Professional, SGM, GLP, High End, Robe, ETC, Aytron, Lycian, Robert Juliat and Philips.

View PRG’s technology page for lighting technology

Projection Solutions

Video projection is a multifaceted effect that can be used in many ways, most of which can be defined as either image magnification (IMAG), ultra-widescreen effects projection or projection mapping over a 3D surface. The creative possibilities of video projection are immense, so why not talk to one of our team of video and projection product specialists and discuss a package that suits your needs? We have a well stocked inventory of projectors from Barco and Panasonic in a variety of different sizes, which enables us to manage intimate projects such as a small screen projection at an AGM, through to projecting on the exterior of a national landmark.

View PRG’s technology page for video projectors

LED Video Screens

The significant improvements in LED technology over the past few years mean that LED video screens are more popular than ever.

PRG have a comprehensive stock of LED tiles from manufacturers such as Barco, Unilumin, Lighthouse and ROE Visual, with pitches ranging from 2.5 to 40mm. Our LED solutions are easily customisable and offer almost limitless creative opportunities. Gone are the days of a single flat video screen at the back of a stage, as designers are increasingly using multiple layers of varied pitch sizes to create a multi-dimensional look to their stage set. LED video tiles have also been used to create backgrounds for major feature film productions, as high-brightness IMAG screens at outdoor music festivals, as well as making a car ‘disappear’ into it’s surroundings for a TV advert.

View PRG’s technology page for LED video screens

Video Camera Systems

To work alongside our cutting-edge LED video screens and digital projectors, we use high specification portable production units (PPUs) which include the latest broadcast quality camera systems on the market. Our video camera hire stock includes models by leading manufacturers such as Sony, Bradley, Grass Valley and our own proprietary cameras developed for specific customer requirements.

View PRG’s technology page for video camera systems


Rigging is the area of event production used whenever lighting, video or scenic elements need to be hung or supported.

Rigging is the little seen infrastructure that holds the show together and should be part of event planning and design from the original inception. Often bearing the weight of many tonnes of equipment, rigging is subject to many regulations and technical requirements, with which our rigging engineers are highly experienced. PRG have decades of experience providing rigging solutions for music festivals, trade shows, light-entertainment television, music concerts and more. Our rigging inventory includes products by respected industry manufacturers such as Thomas Engineering, Tomcat, Columbus McKinnon (CM) hoists, Petzl, Lift All, The Crosby Group, Doughty and Kinesys.

View PRG’s technology page for rigging products

CAD Services

A detailed CAD drawing is essential for the planning and production of a live event.

Clients mostly approach us with their idea and a rough sketch of what they want. Our experienced CAD draughtsmen use the latest Autocad and Vectorworks software to create 2D and 3D scale drawings of your lighting, video and rigging requirements. As well as having a thorough knowledge of the technical requirements and rigging capacity for most UK event venues, we also have a comprehensive library of fixture blocks to ensure our drawings are as detailed and accurate as possible.


Lighting and video will be some of the most important elements of your show and have the power to make or break the event. To aid the design process, PRG’s team of visualisation specialists use state-of-the-art What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) software to create a 3D render of your event, which can be used for planning purposes or pre-programming of fixtures. Video mapping can also be visualised using media servers such as Pandora’s Box. Allocating a little extra time and money at the start of a production period will save a lot of expense on site. Being better prepared enables you to spend less time in the venue and less money on crew and rental costs. Pre-visualisation can also be used as a pitch support tool, illustrating how the venue will look and demonstrating the different lighting moods and themes you will use.

Media Servers

A media server is the central point of a video system which has the ability to deliver multiple streams of video to multiple playback surfaces. PRG stock a variety of media servers including the PRG MBox, d3, Catalyst, Resolume and Pandora’s Box. Common features of most industry standard media servers include projection mapping, live feed (IMAG), standard playback and live image manipulation as well as the ability to display live social media interactions on your playback surfaces.

View PRG’s technology page for media servers

Prep Facilities

Whatever your event, you’re bound to want the load in to be as quick and efficient as possible.

Many crews take advantage of our prep facilities in Longbridge. Being our main UK warehouse, Longbridge has over 1600 square metres of space dedicated to show prep and is perfect for looming cable, marking up truss, addressing fixtures and packing and marking up road cases. We also have 2 ground support structures for hanging lighting and video trusses which help to eliminate snagging issues in the design and are often used by lighting designers and programmers to pre-program the show on the lighting console.

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