As the leading global production services solution provider PRG is continually working on some of the most creatively challenging projects; developing the next generation of technology and redefining the industry as well as our company. Keep track of it all in our news updates and case studies. We will also be posting articles and videos featuring some of our industry's compelling creative thinkers; designers and luminaries.

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Steven Greenberg, Executive Vice President of North American Operations

Production Resource Group names Steven Greenberg Executive Vice President of North American Operations

A former executive at Dell, Greenberg brings both Fortune 100 discipline and entrepreneurial leadership to the PRG senior leadership team

Production Resource Group LLC, (PRG) the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, today announced that Steven Greenberg has been named as Executive Vice President of North American Operations and Business Development. New to PRG, Greenberg brings to the company executive leadership and extensive experience that combines entrepreneurial initiative with strategic corporate development and operational expertise.

“I look forward to working with the great team of people at PRG,” says Greenberg. “They have impressed me with the depth of their experience and dedication to client success. I am excited to have the opportunity to be part of PRG and will be focused on helping refine and enhance our solutions for entertainment and corporate events and continue to expand our best-in-class production expertise and services for our clients.”

Greenberg’s business acumen and leadership skills have been honed over a 20-year career during which Greenberg has worked across multiple industry sectors serving in a variety of senior leadership positions. Greenberg was an executive at Dell, Inc., where he was General Manager of the North American Retail and Distribution Channel. While running this $5B run-rate business unit, Greenberg led the division to more than 25% year-over-year growth by focusing efforts on transforming the supply chain, introducing new channels, and streamlining procurement processes.

Just prior to joining PRG, Greenberg was President of TCJ Consulting, an Illinois-based management consulting firm whose client list included Intel and Cricket Communication.  Earlier in his career, as Co-Chairman of the Board for Crafts America, LLC his focused efforts doubled revenue within 16 months. In addition, he held several executive roles, including COO, at Promotions Unlimited; a family-run distribution business. The company saw exponential growth during Greenberg’s tenure, including leading the nationwide expansion of the customer base from 1,000 to 5,500 stores.

“Steven brings a fresh perspective to the PRG management team," says Jeremiah J. Harris, Chairman and CEO of PRG. “His leadership abilities, entrepreneurial zeal, and tremendous operational experience, coupled with his proven record of driving revenue growth is a strong fit for PRG as we continue to better align our own operations, identify new markets and pursue untapped opportunities.

2015 CNN GOP Debates

Innovative Audio Solutions at the CNN GOP Debate provided by VUE Audiotechnik and Production Resource Group

While one of every seven Americans watched the second 2015 GOP debate, it was what they didn’t see that made the difference. There were none of the usual line array speakers to obstruct the view of the debate stage. Production Resource Group (PRG) and VUE Audiotechnik worked together to deliver an innovative solution that addressed the unique production challenges of the event and the location.

The CNN-broadcast debate took place at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Center for Public Affairs in Simi Valley, CA, and averaged 23.1 million viewers, becoming the most watched televised debate in CNN’s history.

The GOP debate set was built atop a scaffold-type structure that was around 40’ tall and placed above the Marine One helicopter, with Air Force One as the backdrop for the candidates. Space on the set was limited and designed to handle the 11 candidates, moderators, live audience, and minimal technical crew. For this reason, all of the typical backstage equipment was allocated to one floor below the stage on the second floor of the library.

PRG provided the audio and lighting solutions for this debate and submitted an audio design by PRG Project Manager Mark Boettcher. He worked closely with PRG’s Senior Systems Engineers Bill Daly and Alan Henig, who both have many years of experience with similar systems for televised events. Boettcher explains his process. “I designed a system that would allow me to adjust on the fly using the techniques that we had used successfully in previous installations.” The audio system was installed, tuned, and tested in just two days. Daly and the team tuned the system and time aligned each row.

The audio design featured 24 isolated under-the-seat zones and 11 fold back circuits. Under-seat speaker systems have been used for decades on television projects; nonetheless, in working with the client, PRG recommended this to be the best choice as this was something they’ve had plenty of experience with. The final audio design was implemented with the help of the CNN-hired Mix Engineer Dave Tennant and Audio Assistant Chris Rucker. It featured 142 distributed VUE Audiotechnik i-2x4.5 speakers with 70˚ x 70˚ dispersion placed under seats, with a number of the speakers dressed in red silk speaker fabric to conceal them within the red carpeting for on-stage monitoring.

Working closely with the client, PRG’s solution addressed the fact that the venue was a very reverberant environment and allowed the audio team to keep the overall sound pressure level down low for the show, which in turn provided the best end-product for the television truck. “The biggest challenge of mixing on an event like this is simply knowing where you rank in the eyes of the producers compared to the rest of the production and being okay with it,” Tennant says. “First and foremost is ‘how it looks on TV’; and second would be ‘how it sounds on TV.’ Eventually you get way down on the list to ‘how it sounds in the house.’ However the house ultimately will affect how it sounds on TV, so a great sounding house mix equals a great broadcast mix. Mark and Bill's tuning and timing of the room was spot on. Any adjustments that I had to make during the actual event were extremely minor. Based on the reactions of the live audience, every syllable, nuance, and inflection spoken by the candidates were clearly heard and understood. What more can you ask for?”

In addition, with two JitaCams rigged above the audience, there was a concern in adding more obstacles for the camera crew to navigate around for clean camera shots. “While it was a very labor-intensive installation, visually the audience didn’t see any large PA clusters hanging in the camera shots and once the audience was seated it was very difficult to even notice the speakers under the seats. However, they did not hear a sacrifice in audio quality by using this system design technique,” says Boettcher. Tennant adds his thoughts on the audio solution. “Other than 142 speakers distributed across a 5,000 sq. ft. set, the install and setup was actually quite straightforward. Having amp, splitter, and wireless worlds all located on the floor below the set actually simplified the install.

The console of choice for this event was a Yamaha CL5. Boettcher explains, “This provided us with plenty of surface control for the show, plus enough matrix and mix output capabilities to handle the all the requirements.” The stage boxes were connected using Audinate’s Dante (Digital Audio Network Through Ethernet) network routed over CAT5e from the stage boxes (Rio 1608) to the console. “I broke the system out into four zones fed from the console to provide quick access for Dave to adjust on the fly,” continues Boettcher. “These zones were, the front row, remaining main floor, house right bleachers, and house left bleachers.

The speakers, console, and microphones were connected to the set via cabling that was dropped down to the second floor technical compound. For the speaker systems, Neutrik NL8 multi-line speaker cable was used to route four zones of the PA through each cable. “This number worked well, as the locations we chose to break the NL8’s out into separate zones corresponded well with the design,” says Boettcher. “It was even better when we got in the middle of the install and had to re-design on the fly; it offered us the ability to re-route several zones at a time with very minimal effort.

The zoning and fold back requirements were all controlled using four Meyer Galileo 616 loudspeaker management processors. Boettcher chose this specific processor for the large number of outputs and its internal matrix capabilities. “This allowed me to use fewer processors and route just a couple of matrix mixes from the console to the processors and then further matrix the feeds to the correct zones. Additionally, the Galileo processors offer a very solid and reliable network backbone.” Using a Microsoft Surface tablet, Boettcher was able to wirelessly connect through a WiFi router back to the equipment rack, allowing him to walk through the seats. “While Bill (Daly) and I were optimizing the system, I could very quickly, efficiently, and easily adjust any of the parameters within the PA system from the Surface. Historically with a system of this size it would require us to have an operator to sit by the EQ rack for efficiency.” This allowed them to optimize the entire system in less than six hours.

The amplification was entirely provided by Lab.Gruppen FP2400Qs. These were chosen based on their ability to easily run eight VUE i2x4.5 speakers on each amplifier channel. PRGs VUE i-Class loudspeaker inventory is made up of a custom-built model of the i2x4.5 that operates at 16-ohms, allowing larger quantities to run in parallel on each amplifier channel. “Using a four-channel amplifier meant I could use less of them, achieving a higher space to function ratio,” Boettcher explains.
The VUE i-2x4.5 is a compact, two-way loudspeaker designed specifically for near-field applications, offering high output and great low frequency response by combining the a 1-inch, silk-dome, Ferro fluid tweeter with two 4.5-inch, pro level woofers with large magnet assemblies. The drivers are in a "MTM" configuration for symmetrical coverage. All three drivers are mated to a high-quality crossover network to ensure flat frequency response.

See the slideshow.


PRG Alliance New Member in Qatar

PRG Alliance, the global network of high-quality event production services companies, is rapidly expanding and announces a new member in Qatar – ES:ME Entertainment Services.

Over the last few years, ES:ME has provided technical consulting services as well as planning, engineering, rigging, temporary structures, and lighting to the event industry across the Middle East, working with the region’s largest organizations and also helping smaller, more intimate events to put themselves on the corporate and social map. The company has a professional and safety conscious team with over two decades experience, working with top-brand equipment and high-tech solutions including computer-controlled cable-suspended camera systems.

The company is led by Alex Wurfel and Rene Karnahl, both with a deep well of knowledge and experience in event production. “We are excited about all the opportunities in the PRG Alliance,” says Wurfel. “We are happy to share our expertise in the field of rigging with the members and have their support on lighting and audiovisual services as we want to expand our business in this area; we see it as having access to a huge inventory and wealth of experience overnight. This partnership is even more significant for me because I started my career on Procon’s lighting and rigging technical team. I am looking forward to work together with them again.

“PRG is very familiar with the work of ES:ME and their expertise in complex structural installations for event production,” says Tom Van Hemelryck, Director of the PRG Alliance. “We worked together on a number of projects, including the Oman National Day and the Burj Khalifa Opening. They are very strict in following the highest European and American standards and their support to the Alliance is very welcome – we want to reinforce the importance of safety to our members.

The collaboration started right away with ES:ME providing a workshop to all members on International Standards in Rigging during PRG Alliance regional events that were held in Sao Paulo, Hamburg, and Shanghai during August and September 2015.

The PRG Alliance today has members in 24 countries – the complete list of participant companies and news are available on Alliance website


Nu Skin Corporate Event, Dubai, United Arab Emirates that ES:ME Entertainment Services​ supported.

360 Solution for McKesson

360˚ Solution for McKesson

Paskal Video1
When McKesson wanted a comprehensive approach that addressed scenic options, audio visual capabilities, technical services, along with creative services, they trusted PRG. To offer a complete 360 solution, PRG worked from the concept of the creative approach through the execution of the event with McKesson. We brought an expert team who focused on the brand and the message to present an engaging experience for McKesson’s audience, including an audio visual solution that created the roaring vibration of a fighter jet flying overhead.



PRG and o2 Creative Solutions Partner for The World Premier Launch of the 2016 Prius

Paskal Video1

It was the true team effort between longtime collaborators o2 Creative Solutions and PRG that realized the technically challenging yet creatively stunning launch of the 2016 Toyota Prius, on behalf of o2’s client, Toyota. Working within a compact timeframe and with many levels of compliance to navigate, PRG supported o2’s creative idea for the launch, which reinforced Toyota’s “Beyond Possible” campaign.

Staged at the Linq Hotel’s Vortex outdoor terrace, 3 floors above Las Vegas Boulevard, the high-tech presentation of the car itself included the Prius being smoothly lifted in the air from behind an LED screen, lowered down onto the stage, and then driven onto a turntable from behind the large LED screen. The graceful and smooth movement, coupled with the lighting, video, and audio made for an elegant launch of the much anticipated automobile.

PRG’s close working relationship with o2 meant we were able to bring the expertise and production   solutions for technical design, permitting, and OSHA safety compliance, installation oversight and the packages for the staging, lighting, rigging, and audio. The Tower LED Ring was programmed by o2 Creative Solutions and worked in conjunction with the house LED structure and the marquees for the Linq and Caesars Palace hotels.

With the worldwide automotive press, Toyota executives, and select invited Toyota Prius dealers in attendance, the 2016 Toyota Prius made an impressive and well-received debut.

o2 Team:
Brian Hords, Founder and Executive Creative Director
Alex Alexanian, Creative / Technical Director
Laura Leigh, Senior Executive Producer
Erick Carlson, Designer & Technologist - all screen content
Chris Dowling, Technical Director
Helene Kenny, Senior 3D Designer
Peter Crawford, Scenic Designer
Kim Polito, Toyota Producer

UVLD Team:
John Ingram, UVLD Lighting Designer

PRG Team:
Paul Kilpatrick, Scenic Director of Operations in Las Vegas
Henry Baker, PRG Director of Automation in Las Vegas
Brian Kilpatrick, Scenic Project Manager
Chad Zipprich, CAD Solutions and Installation Technical Support
Plus the team from PRG Logistics including Freddy Denney, Scott Dangler, Lead Driver Dave Weishaupt, and the PRG Las Vegas Team of Pat Little (Lighting), Joey Hopkins (Audio) and Chris Gallant (LED & Video)

Read more about the 2016 Prius at Las Vegas World Premiere Event at:

PRG and o2 Creative Solutions have partnered to support past launches including Corolla at the Barker Hanger, 4Runner at the Stage Coach Festival, the Hydrogen Technology of the Mirai at the Aspen Ideas Festival, and a series of technology initiatives at CES press conferences.

Learn More About the PRG ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly

Learn More About the PRG ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly

With the ReNEW Take & Try DIY Demo Program, users can try the unit in their venue for up to two weeks.

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) announces the PRG RH+A ReNEW™ Take & Try DIY Demo Program. This program lets users request a ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly be sent to them to try for a two week period. This program allows them to work with this innovative LED light engine unit and to really get a feel for the ReNEW’s ease of use, the cost savings, efficiency of the unit, and all of the features and benefits of the ReNEW.

The ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly is an LED light engine designed to work with the lens tube and shutter assembly of the Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC®) Source Four® ellipsoidal. By swapping out the tungsten light source and reflector assembly of the Source Four with the ReNEW, users can cut their energy and HVAC costs by 67% while producing more output than that of a 575W HPL lamp. The ReNEW produces over 8,200 lumens of output, comparable to a Source Four ellipsoidal with a 575-watt HPL tungsten lamp, while drawing just 190-watts.

The unit works with all ETC Source Four lens tubes and all accessories. Two fixed color temperatures are available—ReNEW Tungsten with a 3,000K color temperature; and ReNEW Daylight with a 5,700K color temperature. The ReNEW can be operated with one, two, or three channels of DMX control or operated in standalone operation without DMX.

With the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly, customers can replace their 575W HPL tungsten lamps and take advantage of these benefits:

•     A 67% reduction in power and HVAC consumption

•     With no relamping needed, it significantly reduces maintenance costs

•     Output that exceeds the output of a 575W tungsten HPL lamp

•     Takes less than 60 seconds to swap out to an LED light engine

•     DMX or standalone operation

•     Keep all of your existing Source Four lens tubes and accessories

•     Cost effective price without sacrificing output

To get started, just follow this link: or head over to the ReNEW page on the PRG website ( Fill out the request for demonstration information and choose their preferred dealer. Along with the ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly, we send a ReNEW quick start guide along with a demo kit with a gobo and a step by step shoot-out guide. After the trial period, they can return the unit or buy it from their local dealer.

With ReNEW, you don’t have to sacrifice output when switching from a tungsten to an LED source. ReNEW your rig; don't replace it.

For more information about PRG, please go to:

Source Four® and ETC® are Registered Trademarks of Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc.

PRG XL Video Logo
9/8/2015 Press Release

Production Resource Group Extends Brand in Germany and United Kingdom to include XL Video

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, today announced it will extend its branding in Germany and the United Kingdom to integrate the brand of the recently acquired XL Video Group.  The integrated companies will be known as PRG XL Video for a transition period while the operations are being merged. 

PRG will continue to use its brand name in all other countries across Europe and North America.  XL Video teams in those territories will be immediately transitioned into the PRG family. 

“Part of our decision to acquire XL Video was the premier value of its brand in many of our markets,” said Jeremiah J. Harris, PRG’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.  “We recognize that the XL Video name and logo are synonymous with outstanding quality, customer service, and technical expertise in some of our territories, equal to that of PRG – and so after careful consideration, we have decided to operate with integrated branding for a transition period in those locations.”

“Our aim when joining the two companies was to create a strong foundation for continued growth,” said Stephan Paridaen, PRG’s President and Chief Operating Officer.  “We believe integrated branding in Germany and the United Kingdom is a terrific introduction of our combined capabilities to our customers and markets.”   

Tomorrowland 2015

Tomorrowland 2015 Goes Out With a Bang in Belgium

After three days of madness, Tomorrowland 2015 has come to an end! As many as 180,000 People of Tomorrow forgot their troubles and danced their hearts out to the beats of David Guetta, Avicii, Steve Aoki and many, many more. Once again, PRG Belgium took on part of the technical challenge. We provided light and trussing for the MainStage, Frame Stage, Opera Stage and the Garden of Madness, taking advantage of our PRG Best Boy Washes, PRG Bad Boy, and the brand new Icon Beam, which is only available from PRG. We also supplied audio equipment for the Candy Stage.

Check out the slideshow for Tomorrowland 2015


PVP Live - ReNEW is a Game Changer

Paskal Video1

When PVP Live was building out their new broadcast studio they needed to find green lighting solutions. Production partner PRG brought in the PRG ReNEW LED Retrofit Assembly, an LED light engine solution that cuts power by 67% compared to a conventional 575W HPL tungsten ellipsoidal. After taking look inside this solution click to learn more about the PRG ReNEW.

ICBA 2015

ICBA - A Streaming Success

Paskal Video1

Just like our association clients, PRG’s business is all about people and solutions. That shared understanding was evident when PRG worked closely with the Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA) to realize their Community Banking LIVE 2015 event. We provided a full service solution as we worked with them on this annual event, the largest event of their year. PRG handled the production solutions for the general session, the breakout rooms, as well as digital signage, meeting enrollments, and content capture along with live streaming. PRG brings many ideas to ICBA, indeed all of our clients, so they can support their message and enhance the value they deliver to that membership. We are proud to be able to share our experience and expertise in bringing technology solutions which create a new and unique experience for their members; for their attendees with advanced technologies that help move their meeting to the next level.

A Year of Whatever

A Year of Whatever

Paskal Video1

Up for Whatever? PRG said "Yes!" and never looked back … until now!

It was a year ago PRG was busy preparing to help Anheuser Busch’s Bud Light brand takeover Crested Butte, Colorado. It was there that Whatever, USA would ask the question are you Up For Whatever?! The creative agency Mosaic teamed up with PRG to realize this unprecedented experiential marketing campaign. The award-winning campaign was applauded throughout the brand marketing industry and throughout the year the accolades continued … as did the Up for Whatever campaign. After the massive success of Whatever, USA in Colorado, the next stop was in Los Angeles for the record setting Human Pac-Man Super Bowl Commercial.

Of course, you can’t just make a commercial and not throw a viewing party so off to Phoenix, Arizona  for the House of Whatever in the Super Bowl city! The rain didn’t dampen any spirits and the event was a huge success, but perhaps it did put everyone in the mood for some California sunshine again. At the end of May the Up for Whatever campaign hit the water and landed on Catalina Island off of the Southern California coast. It has been a year of great creativity and given PRG crews the opportunity to be part of a truly unforgettable series of projects!

PRG Live Facebook post

PRG Supports GOP Debates

PRG Australian Teen Featured

17-year-old Niklas Kreher Shines Behind the Scenes with PRG in Australia

PRG was recently featured in an article from Australian news site, Herald Sun, detailing how 17-year-old Niklas Kreher shines behind the scenes while working under the mentorship of PRG in Australia to support the Victorian State Schools Spectacular, Melbourne's biggest professionally staged song and dance extravaganza. The Spectacular, normally a launching pad for a career in front of the camera, also caters to those with aspirations for a career behind the scenes. 

The show is funded by the Victorian education department and has been running for some time. PRG has been the major technology supplier for the past 4 years supporting many technical aspects of the show including over 800 moving lights and over 180 square meters of LED screens with 8 20k projectors.

In association with the producers, PRG offered to mentor kids with a desire to be involved backstage and we developed a program (now in its 3rd year) that involves several full day training sessions at PRG where students are involved with the prep, load in, and the show.

Read the full story at the Herald Sun 

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Crowds

Mayweather vs Pacquiao

On May 2, 2015, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, undefeated five-division world champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. took on the eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao in what was dubbed the 'Fight of the Century'

The fight was televised through a pay-per-view jointly produced by HBO and Showtime.  Emmy Award-winning SHOWTIME Sports’ All Access covered the event with four episodes from preamble to epilogue.  With fourteen Avid video editing systems, four edit rooms, and production office space, All Access called PRG POST’s New York City facility their home from ingest and transcode of all footage, to offline editorial, color grading/finishing, and audio mixing.

This was the tenth show in the series in which the production team, including Series Producer Josh Glazer, relied on PRG POST as the best choice for top to bottom delivery.  PRG POST Colorist Harris Mendheim and VP of Post/Audio Mixer Bob Barzyk worked tirelessly in overnight sessions to ensure that the deliverables were completed on-schedule.  Bob Barzyk says that POST’s high-speed connectivity for digital delivery was essential in getting last minute changes and revisions delivered to the network for promos and review.  The shows were ultimately delivered for broadcast via Sony HDCAM.

Currently, PRG POST is working with All Access on their twelfth installment, featuring Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming bout against two-time Welterweight champion Andre Michael Berto on September 12th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

See more photos of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fights

Harmonium Project

XL Video Supports The Harmonium Project at the 2015 Edinburgh International Festival

To create a spectacular opening for the 2015 Edinburgh International Festival, and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Edinburgh Festival Chorus, 59 Productions, with the Edinburgh International Festival, created The Harmonium Project.

The free outdoor event drew in crowds of approximately 19,500 people and combined the music of John Adams’ choral work Harmonium, made especially by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Edinburgh Festival Chorus conducted by Peter Oundjian, with visually stunning projection mapping onto the Usher Hall in central Edinburgh.

The Harmonium Project

The 34-minute performance of The Harmonium Project integrated scientific data captured with the support of the Centre of Design and Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, who collaborated on the project to examine the effects singing has on both the performer and the listener.

Having worked with them successfully on Sinatra: The Man & His Music in the West End, and at the Manchester International Festival, 59 Productions sought out XL Video to realize their video design for The Harmonium Project.

XL Video’s Head of UK Theatre, Ed Cooper liaised with the team from 59 Productions – Creative Directors, Leo Warner and Richard Slaney; Technical Associate, Maximilien Spielbichler; and Production Manager, James Roxburgh – to create a technical specification for the exterior projection mapping of the beautiful Usher Hall building.

To cover the intricate columned façade of the Hall, XL Video employed fourteen of their Panasonic PT-DZ21KE projectors, with content fed by five of XL’s d3 Technologies' d3 media servers.

The show control, including triggers to the d3 servers, was all handled via an MA Lighting grandMA2 Light desk and NPU, with back-up from a MA Command Wing.

The media server racks and set-up were managed by XL’s in-house Technician, Erica Frost, with on-site projectors and media servers handled by Craig Harrower. 

A team of animators from 59 Productions, under the direction of Nicol Scott, created the content for the show, which was designed to perfectly fit the building. 

XL Video’s Ed Cooper commented: “It was lovely to work with Leo, Richard and their team so soon after Sinatra: The Man & His Music. 59 Productions’ technical briefs are always very exacting, and provided our team with a range of challenges which they ably met. The show looked fantastic, and the crowd were delighted by the spectacle!”

PRG V676

PRG Congratulates 67th Annual Emmy Awards Nominees

PRG congratulates all the nominees for the 67th Annual Emmy® Awards for their outstanding achievements in the television production industry. PRG is pleased to support all of our clients in the television industry and especially wants to extend warm wishes and thanks to those clients who trust and rely on PRG’s creative solutions and innovative products.

Our colleagues were especially well represented in the lighting categories, where PRG provided lighting solutions, key personnel, and products, including the PRG V676 Lighting Control Console, for seven of this year’s nominated television productions. We are proud to have supported several nominees in both the Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Series and in Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special categories.

"It is a real statement when you see that out of the 11 Emmy nominated shows in the two variety categories for lighting 7 of them were controlled by a PRG V676 console,” says Lighting Director Matthew Cotter. He is nominated this year as Lighting Director for two productions, ABC’s Dancing With The Stars, Episode 1911A and Dancing With The Stars: 10th Anniversary Special.

"It's always an honor to be recognized and nominated for our work; it’s a pleasure to see how many of the nominated projects are friends and colleagues using PRG's V676 console,” Cotter continues. “The V676 is always my first choice of console. I very much appreciate the support of the PRG team throughout the year. They give us the tools to make our jobs possible."

Leading PRG’s expert support of our clients in the dynamic and demanding television production industry is Brian Edwards, PRG CEO for Television. “Every day we have the privilege of working with the most talented television professionals in the world. That they have selected PRG is a trust we take very seriously. That is reflected in our innovative products,  which we have designed and manufactured with their invaluable input to be solutions that realize their creative goals. We are very proud of our reputation in the television industry and we will never take that for granted, which is why we appreciate and congratulate all of our clients on these well deserved Emmy nominations."

Along with our lighting colleagues recognized throughout this year’s Emmy nominations, PRG also warmly congratulates the nominated Production Design team of Peter Pan Live! • NBC • Universal Television, Sony Pictures Television, Storyline Entertainment. The team includes Derek McLane, Production Designer, Aimee B. Dombo, Art Director, and Mike Pilipski, Set Decorator. PRG worked very closely with them on realizing their production design for this unique live television event. Our PRG scenic craftsmen and artists, based in our shop in New Windsor, NY, enjoyed and embraced the opportunity to bring McLane’s imaginative vision of the Lost Boys home and Neverland itself to life.

The 67th Emmy Awards telecast airs live coast-to-coast on Sunday, September 20 (8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT) on FOX from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles.

2015 Emmy Award nominees using PRG products and services for nominated productions include:

Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Series

American Idol • Finale • FOX • FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment

Kieran Healy, Lighting Designer

Harry Sangmeister, Lighting Director

Harrison Lippman, Lighting Director

George Harvey, Lighting Director

Dancing With The Stars • Episode 1911A • ABC • BBC Worldwide Productions

Simon Miles, Lighting Designer

Suzanne Sotelo, Lighting Director

Matthew Cotter, Lighting Director

So You Think You Can Dance • Season 11 Finale • FOX • dick clark productions and 19


Robert Barnhart, Lighting Designer

Matt Firestone, Lighting Director

Pete Radice, Lighting Director

Patrick Boozer, Lighting Director

Also the PRG Mbox media server was used on The Voice • Episode 818A • NBC • United Artists Media Group, Talpa Media USA Inc. and Warner Horizon Television

Oscar Dominguez, Lighting Designer

Samuel Barker, Lighting Director

Daniel Boland, Lighting Director

Craig Housenick, Lighting Director

Johnny Bradley, Media Server Operator

Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special

Dancing With The Stars: 10th Anniversary Special • ABC • BBC Worldwide Productions

Simon Miles, Lighting Designer

Suzanne Sotelo, Lighting Director

Matthew Cotter, Lighting Director

57th Annual Grammy Awards • CBS • AEG Ehrlich Ventures, LLC

Robert Dickinson, Lighting Designer

Andy O'Reilly, Lighting Director

Jon Kusner, Lighting Director

Patrick Boozer, Lighting Director

Harrison Lippman, Lighting Director

The Oscars • ABC • The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Robert Dickinson, Lighting Designer

Robert Barnhart, Lighting Director

Andy O'Reilly, Lighting Director

Jon Kusner, Lighting Director

Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show Starring Katy Perry • NBC • NFL Network

Robert Barnhart, Lighting Designer

Dave Grill, Lighting Director

Pete Radice, Lighting Director

Jason Rudolph, Lighting Director

*Emmy and the Emmy Statuette are the Trademark Property of ATAS/NATAS.

Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour

PRG converts marble stone quarry into freestyle motorcycle stage. 

Production Resource Group AG (PRG) in Germany supported the prestigious “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour” as it stopped in the Greek capital Athens for the first time, Friday, June 12th. The multi-annual competition, hosted by Red Bull since 2001, sees the best freestyle athletes of the motocross scene (FMX) competing against one another in some of the most fantastically unusual locations around the globe. 

The world-renowned Dionyssos marble stone quarry, on the outskirts of Athens, served as the spectacular stage for the second stop of this year’s “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour.” Throughout history the quarry birthed many famous Greek and Roman monuments and sculptures, such as the preeminent Acropolis. PRG’s elaborate lighting installation ensured that 12 of the world’s best FMX drivers were able to successfully bridge ancient and modern times. The design for this great show was done by the German lighting designer Florian Schreiter. 

The installation was challenging – tight access points, wind, dust, darkness, and long cable paths. A complex lighting and power network had to be installed without impairing the performance of the athletes or the view of the 1,000 fans in attendance. At the center of PRG’s solution was four 100kw SoftSuns – providing tremendous brightness to the course while hanging from truck mounted cranes. These are ideal fixtures for lighting large areas and sports events. 

Another challenge was presented on an even larger area of 200 x 250 meters. The driveways leading up to the FMX course required light as well, yet no rigging points existed. The solution – PRG constructed a two-story high platform with the help of truck mounted cranes to position the array of lighting fixtures and operating personnel. 

The season opening of this year’s “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour” took place at the Plaza de Toros monument in Mexico City, Friday, March 6th. After the stop in Athens the tour continues on Friday, July 10th in Madrid at the bullring “Las Ventas.” The athletes rock the city of Pretoria during their 4th stop Saturday, September 12th. The Tour’s grand finale is Friday, October 30th in the United Arab Emirates. 

Pictures from the “Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour”

PRG Alliance Member FX Roadlights

PRG Alliance Welcomes New Member in Portugal

The PRG Alliance is proud to announce its new member, FX Road Lights in Portugal. With the addition of FX Road Lights, PRG Alliance continues to increase its global reach to help serve international clients everywhere they go.

FX Road Lights was founded in 2002 in Portugal as a lighting design company to meet the demands of an expanding market in lighting and effects solutions for events and TV productions. Over the years, the company expanded its area of expertise to video as a visual complement to their lighting design work.

Over the past 13 years, the company has created a deep and varied project portfolio through pairing an experienced creative team with deep technical know-how. FX Road Lights is today a creative company, exploring new concepts of lighting and video in live music concerts, corporate events, and television shows.

FX Road Lights has shown their capability in lighting and video systems, investing in high-quality equipment and technical expertise,” says Tom Van Hemelryck, PRG Alliance Director. “Now they are ready to take the company to the next level and we are pleased to have their support in Portugal.

We are expanding our business to service new markets, including corporate events and international concert touring,” explains Leocadia Silva, General Director of FX Road Lights. “We are thrilled with the business opportunities that are opening up to us with the PRG Alliance partnership. Portugal has great events and we are ready to embrace future challenges with the backing of the exceptional proficiency in the PRG Alliance network."

More information on FX Road Lights and all PRG Alliance members is available at

FX Road Lights

FX Road Lights Team

PRG XL Video Logo


Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, today announced that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of XL Video Group.

“Bringing XL Video into the PRG family profoundly enhances our ability to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of products and services,” said Jeremiah “Jere” Harris, Chairman and CEO of Production Resource Group. “The true opportunity however, lies in bringing together the industry’s most passionate and committed people. Our shared values and technical expertise will allow the company to continue to innovate and grow in new and exciting ways.”

XL Video’s worldwide locations will now become part of PRG’s network of over 40 locations in key cities around the world. Project teams representing each geography, market, and function across the combined organization are currently working together to align and integrate operations to ensure continued excellence in customer service and support.


PRG Completes Acquisition of XL Video

Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG), the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, today announced that it has completed the previously announced acquisition of XL Video Group.

“Bringing XL Video into the PRG family profoundly enhances our ability to provide our clients with a comprehensive suite of products and services,” said Jeremiah “Jere” Harris, Chairman and CEO of Production Resource Group. “The true opportunity however, lies in bringing together the industry’s most passionate and committed people. Our shared values and technical expertise will allow the company to continue to innovate and grow in new and exciting ways.”

XL Video’s worldwide locations will now become part of PRG’s network of over 40 locations in key cities around the world. Project teams representing each geography, market, and function across the combined organization are currently working together to align and integrate operations to ensure continued excellence in customer service and support.

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