Mobile Production Unit

Virtual Frontier is a mobile production unit, complete with equipment and crew, designed to provide high output screens control or virtual production support to any North American location. The multifunctional vehicle takes this experience to the next level: it is equipped with the latest innovative technology to deliver the highest quality content for your production, along with comfort for the entire crew.

The truck can facilitate a production outside of the studio environment and can be configured for any live or standard playback video job, including everything needed to support a large media server show ranging from car process, music festivals, TV series, event / keynote speeches, or mixed reality / virtual reality volume.

Inside the truck is the brain bar and control room, which brings mobility, flexibility, and speed to temporary stages across North America. It's an ergonomic and temperature-controlled working environment to enhance productivity while the team creates engaging content.

Essential elements within the brain bar include powerful desktop computers, video I/O and processing, and networking infrastructure. While off-the-shelf components are integrated, specific productions may require some customization of software and hardware. Various scripts can be used to control all connected machines from a unified interface.

This exciting new offering from PRG is streamlining content creation and workflows, while enhancing on-set collaboration.


Virtual Frontier is brought to you by the same team who run and operate PRG’s Virtual Production Studio in Los Angeles. We know the ins and outs of this complex process, and will provide the elements you need for success on the road, including gear and technicians.

Typical personnel for a VP production within a brain bar include the main Unreal Engine artist, camera tracking experts, display / video I/O experts, content loaders, compositors, IT experts, network specialists, and LED screen technicians. The brain bar can be set up on-site or offstage in an adjoining building, or within an OB truck including all capabilities to go partly or entirely remotely, which is highly advantageous for social distancing requirements.


Standard Gear

Screens Control

-3x Christie Spyder X80 screens control/image processors.
-2x X80’s, primary and backup for show/event screens control at a base configuration of 8x 4k outputs each.
-1x X80 for onboard video wall control. Onboard video wall Consists of 6x 4k monitors in portrait equaling a monitoring wall resolution of 12,960 x 3840 px capable of up to 24 source windows at any size or location.

Signal Routing and Distribution

-Blackmagic smart video hub 40 x 40 12g router for 12g & hdsdi signal distribution to the Spyder X80 system.
-Sierra Aspen 72 x 72 hdsdi router for supplemental onboard hdsdi signal routing.
-Riedel Mediornet: 1x Metron, 4x Compact Pro, 4x Micron units. Base configuration offers 20x hdsdi bidirectional feeds to and from the truck from multiple end origin point. Additional distribution capabilities include Genlock, Analog Audio, Timecode, AES, Madi, and Ethernet Tunnels.
-Extron XTP II HDMI & Fiber Routing: Extron XTP II 64x for Source distribution to spyders and spyder outputs to screen destinations. XTP II 32x & 16x for field signal distribution back to truck, and signal distribution of output feeds to LED processors.
-Cobalt DA’s for signal duplication and distribution including designated da frame for duplication of feeds for multiple Media Server capture feeds.


-Netgear M4300’s
-Cisco SG102-24’s


-Brainstrom SR-112’s


-Evertz MSC 5601


-Meyer UPM 1P’s
-Fostex 6301b’s


-Adderview Aim

Computer Monitors

-Dell & Planar 24” Monitors


-4x Birddog 4k HDMI NDI Encoder/Decoders
-2x Blackmagic Teranex AV Signal Processors

Truck Drawings

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