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PRG’s Retail, Hospitality + Architectural group (RH+A) understands the architectural lighting customer’s objectives and is able to provide solutions through design and technology. We can provide value engineering without sacrificing reliability or quality and offer very fast turnaround on engineering drawings, 3D renderings, and mock-ups or samples. Our ability to offer a wide variety of technologies and manufacturing techniques at a quick turnaround with affordable pricing separates us from our competitors. We achieve the highest aesthetic goals while staying within your budget.

Our role is determined by the scope of your project. Some clients need help determining the right mix of standard products. Others ask us to design and build custom products or to modify existing ones. Whatever role PRG RH+A plays, every client gets our hands-on involvement and support.

The PRG RH+A team provides both custom and proprietary product lighting solutions to architectural markets worldwide in retail stores, restaurants, theatres, hotels, churches, museums, performing art centers, and other types of commercial and entertainment venues.


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