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Special & International Events

When it comes to the world's biggest events, organisers prefer to rely on those who have proven that they can meet the requirements set. PRG, for example, has been an instrumental service provider at all Olympic Games, all over the world, for many years and has the right blend of international expertise. 

Each year, PRG invests significant sums in the latest top of the edge equipment, which is considered a given at the world's major events. Some of them involve customized
products that we manufacture for specific clients with one of our development departments. PRG will exceed any expectations to make the ceremony splendour.

For detailed information about our range of services for major events, please click on the link below.

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Present your ideas as they deserve it!

Read more about our services for event visualization

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100.000 W Softsuns

If it is supposed to be really bright!

Outdoor area lighting for bigger events.

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Spacecannons: Always a great effects to attract attention!

7.000 W Spacecannons - an outdoor projector that is guaranteed to attract attention.

Research & Development

PRG Proprietary Products

In our research & development department in Dallas, Texas we are developing products for over 30 years now.

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