PRG Boosts its LED Luminaire Range with Ayrton Products

NEW YORK – March 30, 2022 – Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG), a global events solutions company for entertainment and live events producers, gives its stock of moving lights a major boost, committing to an investment of over 1,000 state-of-the-art automated LED luminaires from Ayrton. The company is adding a selection of Huracán Profiles, Domino Profiles, Eurus Profiles, Perseo and Khamsin fixtures, which will be distributed to depots in the United States, EMEA and APAC regions.

Based near Paris, France, Ayrton specializes in developing intelligent LED light products for Entertainment and Architectural applications and uses reliable, flexible and avant-garde technologies linked to innovative design.

Recently celebrating its 20th year, Ayrton has continued to focus on LED source lighting and has emerged as the category leader, which made the decision for PRG to further invest in its product range obvious. Their attention to detail and consistency in the model ranges guarantees a seamless interaction with other Ayrton products. Ayrton also prides itself in a net carbon goal in its manufacturing and delivery ethos, developing high density sustainable packaging to ensure its fixtures can be shipped in as small a footprint as possible, which supports PRG’s sustainability efforts.

Michael Althaus, Global Sales Director at Ayrton said, “We are excited to welcome PRG into the fast growing, global Ayrton family and to see them recognize the current, but even more importantly, the future potential of our brand. Let me also point out that without the strong and ongoing support of our distributors ACT in the U.S., Ambersphere in the UK, Face in Belgium, Menzi in Switzerland and NMK in Dubai, this would not have been possible. What a combined group effort. That’s what we call the Ayrton spirit.”

Gary Boyd, Executive Vice President and COO PRG EMEA, added, “With Ayrton being at the forefront of LED technology, our choice for their automated LED luminaires was easy. We clearly see an increase of demand for this type of lighting fixture amongst lighting designers and we are convinced that this will perfectly serve our customers’ needs and add an extra dimension into the PRG fleet.”

PRG USA has added to rel="noopener noreferrer" its existing stock with Perseo Profile, Perseo Beam and Khamsin fixtures. Perseo Profile has become the benchmark IP65 rated fixture, packing all the features and outstanding output into a compact, all-weather housing, which has proved itself unmatched in reliability and versatility. The Perseo Beam is the first compact, waterproof rel="noopener noreferrer" multi-function beam effect LED luminaire.

The EU and UK will rel="noopener noreferrer" offer a brand new set of Huracán Profile and Eurus Profile fixtures in their stock. Huracán Profile is a formidable graphical tool for enhanced creativity, with exceptional light output and an entirely new complex colour mixing system with a double CMY saturation level capable of generating 281 trillion colors. Eurus Profile marked the first multi-function rel="noopener noreferrer" profile luminaire launched under the new SLIM-21 programme for miniaturizing rel="noopener noreferrer" fixtures and reducing their weight.

The UAE region will add new Domino Profiles and Eurus Profiles in their stock. Designed to operate in the most extreme situations, the Domino Profile is an IP65 rated multi-function luminaire that can resist hot or cold temperatures, wind, rain, hail, salt fog, sand and dust. It can withstand arid environments, heavy rainfall, and sudden climatic variations and is a perfect fit for our productions in the Middle Eastern region.