PRG First to Purchase New VL3600 Profile IP Lights for Entertainment Industry

NEW YORK – Sept 1, 2022 - Production Resource Group, LLC (PRG), the world’s leading provider of production solutions for entertainment and live events producers, announced today that it is making a significant investment in the new VL3600 PROFILE IP automated luminaire from Vari-Lite.

“This purchase represents a significant investment that reinforces our position as a premium provider in the markets that we serve. We know that the relevance of our inventory is vital to that marketplace position and we’re committed to continuing to offer our clients state-of-the-art technologies. With our long history of successful collaboration with Vari-lite, we’re confident that the VL3600 PROFILE IP will be popular with clients across music, TV, corporate events, and theater,” said Scott Hansen, President and Chief Asset Officer, PRG.

PRG will be the first company to have these just-launched fixtures available for rental, taking delivery on 500 units over next six months and another 500 as they become available in 2023.
The VL3600 PROFILE IP produces 45,000 lumens using a 1000-watt LED engine and it has the added benefit of being IP65 (outdoor) rated. It is feature-rich with a five to 50 degree zoom range, a CMY+CTO graduated color wheel mixing system, framing shutters, gobos, and an FX animation wheel. All of this is provided in a form factor that is smaller and lighter than other fixtures in its product class.

“Vari-Lite and PRG have a long history of innovation and partnership,” said Chris Conti, PRG’s Chief Innovation Officer. “We own over 3,000 of the VL3000™ Spot luminaire, which was for many years the most highly utilized fixture in our inventory. In addition, we’ve made a significant investment in Vari-Lite’s VL2600 PROFILE which has also been very popular with our clients. So, we are super excited for the VL3600 to arrive.”

Conti continued, “With its output, low weight and IP65 rating, the VL3600 is going to be our workhorse fixture. Of course, it will be a go-to for outdoor events where weather is a consideration and for large venues where the distances are long and the extra brightness is needed. Also, television designers will really appreciate its unique color mixing system which provides even, blended color across the lens, along with its dedicated CRI, minus green color wheel which makes it easy to balance and color correct for cameras.”

Brian Friborg, Global Sales Leader at Vari-Lite said, “We are excited to continue strengthening our long- standing partnership with PRG and experiencing their unwavering support of the most iconic brand in the entertainment lighting industry. Everyone at Vari-Lite is ecstatic about PRG’s confidence in the VL3600 Profile IP and cannot wait to see it on some of the world’s most exceptional shows and events for many years to come.”


Full products details can be found here.