Pathway Via 12

Robust, reliable networking infrastructure is a priority in every system we install. From our fiber optic solutions to our ethernet switches and our nodes, our expertise in engineering networks for lighting systems is unmatched in the industry.

  • PRG offers the Pathway VIA12 switch for any systems requiring gigabit network speeds
  • Designed specifically for lighting, audio and video signal routing in live entertainment applications
  • A gigabit switch optimized for entertainment network use with management capabilities

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • Manuals
    • Pathway VIA 12 v6.1or later User Manual

    • Pathway VIA 12 v5.0 User Manual

    • Pathway VIA 12 v3.8 User Manual

    • PRG Lighting Systems Networking Guide

    • Pathway VIA 12 Model 6742 Switch

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