Ethernet Switches

Robust, reliable networking infrastructure is a priority in every system we install. From our fiber optic solutions to our ethernet switches and our nodes, our expertise in engineering networks for lighting systems is unmatched in the industry.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Our 10/100MB ethernet switches are specifically designed for critical entertainment applications.
  • Available in 7-Port and 10-Port versions, they exceed the limitations of traditional ethernet hubs.
  • Simple, easy-to-use operation, no complex configuration software required.
  • 7-Port includes seven isolated coppers input ports.
  • 10-Port includes seven isolated copper input ports and three fiber optic ports.


Ethernet Switch User Manual

PRG Lighting Systems Networking Guide


7 Port Ethernet Switch Datasheet

10 Port Ethernet Switch Datasheet



Innovation Applied

We are dedicated to broadening creative opportunities and alleviating challenges within the industry. PRG's unique offerings, solutions and processes are designed in alignment with our customers visions and goals.

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