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At sporting events uniform, glare-free lighting, noiseless equipment, slow-motion shots and other sport-specific details play an important role – factors that tend to be secondary elsewhere. The service provided by our staff reflects these priorities. Only a team with experience in sports understands the unique requirements of this segment. You can count on our sporting know-how.

Read more about our references and click on the link below for detailed information about our range of services for sports events.

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PRG-Staff-FR-Thierry-Kra_MG_0013_560x315px Thierry Kra

Our contact person for Sports Events

Phone: +33 (0)1 40 86 49 20

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PRG-Teaser-Laurent-Boillot_560x315 Laurent Boillot

Our contact person for Sports Events

Phone: +33 (0)1 40 86 49 32

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About PRG

PRG - Who are we

On our company page you learn more about PRG as a company, our history and which philosophy we represent.

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Ephesus Arena Pro 300

The Ephesus Arena Pro 300 LED Sport lighting fixture

For a uniform lighting of the competition field.

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LED Trucks Video Technology

Recommended for outdoor events

Read more about our mobile LED Truck

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Present your ideas as they deserve it!

Read more about our services for event visualization

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Lighting for Sports Events
PRG Beleuchtung Veranstaltungstechnik für Sport Events

Find out more about our medal winning sports lighting!

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ROE Black OnyX2


ROE Black OnyX2 now available at PRG

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