Associations & Conventions

Solutions-Oriented Approach to Every Event
PRG has established itself as a leader in the association based meeting, convention and trade show markets by continuing to bring a solutions-oriented approach to every meeting we do, regardless of the size. As our participation in the association industry has grown, PRG has added more meeting-oriented staff and equipment to our worldwide network of offices.
Full-Solution Technology Offering
PRG's Corporate & Trade Show services is a premium full-solution event technology offering with a proven track record in providing innovative audio systems, video projection and mapping, dynamic lighting design, LED technology, computer networking and creative scenic solutions.

  • Audio
  • Automation
  • CAD Services
  • Content Capture & Streaming
  • Digital Display & Signage
  • Interactive Technologies
  • IT Show Services
  • LED Solutions
  • Lighting
  • Logistics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Permitting
  • Production Networking
  • Pre-Visualization
  • Presentation Management
  • Project Management
  • Projection Mapping
  • Rigging
  • Scenic Solutions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Staging
  • Sustainability Services
  • Trade Show Services
  • Venue Selection & Event Site Consulting
  • Video


Perfectly in Tune with Your Venue and Your Audience

Whatever the venue or production, PRG audio systems set the standard for the industry. Our staff draws on years of technical experience to get the details right and achieve a perfectly balanced and tuned system to fit every audio need. We supply equipment for a wide range of markets, including theatre, live music, television, and corporate events.

The Industries’ Best Audio Gear & Technicians
PRG’s inventory of audio gear is well suited for any size production, including consoles, wireless equipment, speaker systems, and signal processing. PRG modifies stock equipment and customizes rigging and cabling to meet a range of audio requirements. PRG will staff your productions and events with the industry’s best audio designers, engineers, mixers, and technicians.

Let PRG work with your team to design, coordinate, and build a sound system that meets your audio requirements for your production.


We are industry leaders in all forms of automation and motion control; having extensive experience incorporating a full range of automation options into scenic elements. From proprietary automation control systems to purposed-designed winches, we can solve the simplest to the most complex of motion challenges. Our decades of experience, attention to detail and our extensive knowledge of the practical demands of automation in a wide range of production environments, allows PRG to provide motion control that is executed with precision, accuracy and repeatability in the safest and most effective manner possible. Designers, production managers, and producers trust PRG to provide precise control of scenic effects for Broadway and touring shows, Las Vegas spectaculars, corporate and trade shows, concert tours, theme park attractions, and events around the world

CAD Services

Create an Accurate Roadmap for Your Project with Precise and Detailed Computer Drawings

Executing the perfect production begins with accurately mapping out the details. In any place where a production will occur, there are multiple considerations that must be thought out well in advance of the show date. This can best be accomplished only after an accurate floor plan is created. CAD drawings are an essential roadmap for all stakeholders involved in putting together your event or production. These precise drawings can help signal obstructions and partitions, exits, ceiling heights, and virtually every other important spatial detail for the designers, planners, production partners, and guests.

Content Capture & Streaming

Extend your community with your event’s valuable content.
Expand your event’s reach by sharing your content with a broad global audience. Based on Sonic Foundry’s industry-leading Mediasite technology, PRG Webcasting lets you stream, capture, upload and manage your valuable meeting content. Webcast your content live over the Internet, or deliver it on-demand to any platform or device.

PRG Webcasting is available for conferences, meetings, and gatherings of all sizes. You simply schedule your presentations and our crew takes care of the rest. Create video anywhere: training rooms, classrooms, live events and more.

Stream your presentations in real time.
Take your meeting to those who can’t attend in person while generating valuable video libraries. PRG Webcasting synchronizes your speakers’ audio and video with their visual aids, and instantly streams their presentations over the Internet.

Capture your meeting content and offer it on demand.
Capture, upload and preserve your content so that users can review it at their convenience on any web browser or mobile device—and in multiple formats, including CD/DVD, MP3, and MP4. Monetize your content to create another revenue stream and new virtual audiences.

Bring presentations alive.
Display any high-resolution content from laptops, whiteboards, cameras or tablets to bring your presentations alive. Enable audience interaction. Embed content in any website or web app.

Manage your video assets.
Manage all of your video assets with a powerful suite of tools that lets you archive, index, customize, secure, search and analyze your content. PRG webcasting lets you manage huge libraries of video-based instruction.

Digital Display & Signage

Connect with Your Attendees Throughout Your Venue

PRG Digital Signage lets you quickly connect with your attendees and communicate new content and information with branded, customized electronic displays. You’ll have the flexibility to broadcast the same message to all digital signage throughout your venue, or to a single location—even display different messages on different digital signs. Whatever your needs, PRG will customize a digital signage solution for you.

Communicate Changes Quickly and Efficiently
Give attendees news they can use and deliver valuable meeting-related content on digital signage, such as agendas, schedules and important announcements as well as news feeds, weather, airline flight updates, polls and social media streams. PRG Digital Signage eliminates the hassle of reprinting and replacing traditional signage when you need to convey meeting updates.

Help Attendees Find Their Way
Create interactive touchscreens that give participants an up-to-date map of your venue.

Reinforce Your Branding - Bring Your Content to Life
Working with your PRG team, choose from pre-designed templates or customize the look and feel of your digital signage to reflect your event branding and consistently convey your marketing messages. Increase the impact of your messages and content with full-motion video and audio. PRG Digital Signage supports a wide variety of formats, including text, graphics, animation, live feeds, audio, and video.

Increase the Effectiveness of Poster Sessions
PRG E-Posters help scientific presenters turn their poster sessions into dynamic multimedia presentations that can convey information much more effectively than a traditional printed poster.

Interactive Technologies

Take Audience Interactivity to a Whole New Level

When looking to incorporate interactive technologies into your event or production, turn to PRG for expert advice and guidance. Combining event technologies into one cohesive experience is a challenge uniquely suited to PRG, regardless of whether you're tracking projection or animation, movement of seats, movement of lights, or audio levels, or looking to do something completely new. We work closely with content creators and animators to make sure that what you see and hear throughout your venue blends with both the on-screen and physical elements that you are sitting in or walking through—and blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.


IT Show Services

Get the Best in Integrated Information Technology Services for Trade Shows

One of the most important challenges faced by many groups is the need for new and improved integrated technologies on show site.  A PRG IT Show Service specialist can help you and your team to identify opportunities to improve the meeting experience.

A Full Range of IT Event Technology Solutions
PRG provides a wide array of technical products and services including proprietary systems like PRG Digital Signage and PRG Presentation Management as well as computer rental, and networking for your workshops, sessions, registration, show floor and management offices.

Let PRG work with you as an extension of your meeting management team to be your technology resource for your next conference.

LED Solutions

Create Video Displays in Any Configuration

PRG provides cutting-edge LED technology, installed and operated by expert technicians. The versatility of LED technology, along with our wide range of multimedia product choices, gives our clients unlimited creative video playback opportunities.

We can create video displays of unlimited proportions to fit any client meeting, event, exhibit, or other application. The PRG team will work with you to determine and design a video LED solution that best fits your event or production.


Lighting Equipment to Fit Every Lighting Design Requirement

PRG lighting solutions are among the industry’s most advanced, offering unequaled feature sets with no compromises in performance. All of our proprietary lighting solutions were developed for superior energy efficiency, maximized output, and with a keen understanding of individual user’s needs. PRG builds products that you cannot find elsewhere to solve a wide-range of lighting challenges.

PRG also offers the industry’s best-known brands in lighting solutions from conventional lights to automated luminaires to solid-state lighting.


 How to Get The Right Gear and People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Whether transporting personnel and materials, storage, or organizing travel, the logistics required in connection with an event are not to be underestimated. The larger the project or the greater the distance to the venue, the more critical it is to carefully plan, book, and manage material handling, transport, flights, and hotels. The loading, unloading and on-site storage of materials also needs to be organized.  Logistics may also include space planning for the outdoor areas and the scheduling of delivery traffic​​.

There is No Substitute for Experience
Knowing how to effectively pack, manage, ship, and deliver materials while optimizing both delivery timing and costs comes from years of experience. PRG begins logistics planning at the beginning of each project - defining event production solutions that will deliver an exceptional event while keeping an eye on any potential logistics challenges. The result is reduced risks, timely and cost-effective event delivery, and successful events.

Logistics Knows no Boundaries
With offices on five continents, PRG manages logistics on a global scale and offers complete international solutions. Our global infrastructure covers Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Mobile Apps

Connect with Your Attendees on Their Mobile Devices

Throughout your event, your attendees will be on the move. PRG Presents Mobile Apps lets you connect with them on their mobile devices to deliver conference information such as program guides, exhibitor listings, speaker information, special announcements and interactive floor plans.

Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices, PRG Mobile Apps support an unlimited number of downloads, so they can scale with your meeting size.

Alert Attendees to Meeting Updates as They Occur
Instead of incurring the waste and inefficiency of printed updates, send mobile alerts to attendees to let them know about agenda or room changes.

Let Attendees Create a Personalized Conference Experience
With PRG Presents Mobile Apps, your participants can search the schedule by keyword, author or exhibitor, and compile their own “must-see” meeting agenda that they can access any time.

Reinforce Your Branding

PRG Presents Mobile Apps lets you create a customized interface that reinforces your event branding. Your interface can incorporate sponsor logos or ads, giving you another avenue for increasing meeting revenue.


Keep Your Project on Track from the Get-go with All of the Right Permissions

PRG works with cities, townships, and neighborhoods to make sure that all permits are obtained BEFORE the project begins to ensure that your project begins on and stays on track. We've done everything from developing life safety plans to presenting project plans to city hall. We make sure all the t's are crossed and i's are dotted so that permitting is a smooth and stress-free experience.

Production Networking

Safe and Reliable Power and Data Networking Every Time

The critical backbone of any production is a safe, stable power and data network. Working on some of the largest projects worldwide, PRG has earned the trust of productions by providing its award-winning Series 400 Power Distribution System to handle the mission-critical data and power networking that these productions require. The Series 400 is the proven, reliable choice for even the most critical and complex applications that combines power, DMX, and Ethernet data through a single custom-designed trunk cable to reliably distribute both power and data around any facility – no matter how large - without failure.


A Great Tool for Brainstorming, Planning, or Pitching Creative Shows or Events

In many of our facilities, PRG provides dedicated studio space for clients to pre-visualize their lighting, scenic automation, and video in a virtual 3D environment in advance of selecting equipment or producing scenic elements. The primary reasons clients use pre-visualization are to visualize different looks or integrated movement in a virtual environment, to determine the best methods for reaching their design goals, to allow producers to pitch creative ideas to their clients, and to rough-in cue structure for the show in advance of arrival at the show venue.

Presentation Management

Connect speakers with their audiences. Effortlessly.
The best presentations don’t just deliver information to a passive audience—they forge strong connections between speakers and meeting participants. PRG Presentation Management ensures that your speakers’ content reaches their audiences without a hitch, by providing a complete system for collecting, managing and distributing your meeting’s content.

PRG Presentation Management also includes an audience response system that engages attendees in real time, making them active participants.

Before the conference, your speakers upload their presentations, including audio and video files to a secure PRG Presents website, giving them the added security that the presentations will be on-site and ready to present when they arrive. They can upload any file type from any computer, whether PC or Mac.

When your speakers arrive in the breakout room, their presentation is loaded and ready to go, which eliminates technology surprises. They don’t have to waste valuable time futzing with computers or uploading content from a thumb drive. All they have to do is select their name from an onscreen menu when they’re ready to start their presentation.

The most dynamic presentations are also the most up to date. Our centralized system allows speakers to update their presentations to include new information before the meeting as well as on-site during the event. The server continually updates files and videos to each meeting room, ensuring that it always has the most current version.

The PRG Presentation Management system distributes all presentations to every breakout room’s computer. Even if there’s a last-minute room change or the venue loses network connectivity, speakers have the peace of mind knowing that they can still give their presentation. If more attendees want to attend a session than the breakout room can accommodate, our Overflow on Demand System can stream, within minutes, the audio and video content to a dedicated overflow room, any other open breakout room, or even digital signage.

Onsite, speakers can get personal assistance in the Speaker Ready Room from an experienced PRG staff skilled in Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Prezi. We work with speakers to load and edit their presentations, help adjust or fix any problems, and instruct them in the menu system. While meeting rooms are in session, a PRG technician monitors them from the Speaker Ready Room. If there’s a problem, the speaker can send an alert and the technician can access the laptop remotely to solve the issue.

With PRG Presentation Management, you benefit not only from innovative technology but a PRG technical support team with experience in all aspects of presentations. Before your meeting, we communicate directly with speakers by email and our upload site. PRG technicians are on-call 24/7 to answer speaker questions. And during your meeting, we’re fully prepared to help with special speaker needs or requests.

Don’t wait until after the conference to find out what your attendees did or didn’t like. PRG Presents’ audience response system lets speakers engage participants and collect feedback to questions in real-time, letting you make changes on the fly. Audience members can even respond confidentially to issues and ideas.

Project Management

Ensuring Your Success through Effective Project Management and Communication

At PRG, we are committed to providing quality and consistent project management and labor focused on the successful execution of your event, meeting, or exhibit. PRG will  provide a dedicated account team of key PRG professionals who will deliver consistent, exceptional service. PRG is a powerful partner in the planning and execution of your event. We are able to not only address technical requirements but also transform your event ensuring your attendees leave with an experience that truly articulates your message and achieves your objectives.

PRG understands that the world is constantly changing at an incredible pace, especially in the realm of technology and event design. Regardless of your goal, we have the people and technology to support you as you look to create an innovative experience for your attendees.

Projection Mapping

Transform Anything into a Video Display Surface - for Events, Exhibits, and Installations

With PRG's projection mapping experts, turn objects such as buildings, vehicles, and scenic staging elements into a display surface for video projection. By using specialized software like PRG’s Mbox Designer software, combined with large format, ultra high resolution video projectors, a two- or three-dimensional object is spatially mapped and digital media is applied to the object so that it visually “wraps” or conforms to the object’s dimensions. We can combine the projected video with, or be triggered by, audio to create an immersive narrative. 

PRG has been involved with some of the most of challenging projection mapping projects in the world. From buildings to industrial equipment on a trade show floor, we have developed solutions for mapping video content onto any surface to help deliver brand messages and wow the audience.



Safe and Reliable Rigging Solutions Meticulously Designed with an Eye on Every Detail

Our dependable rigging solutions employ unprecedented innovations that reduce setup and dismantle times, as well as offer flexible creativity in event design. All of the PRG rigging team and PRG rigging products address the need for structural safety, compact storage and ease of transport. We continually not only meet industry standards but well exceed them in both workmanship and the selection of components. 

We have also pushed the creative possibilities with the development of PRG’s purpose-built truss and rigging products. Our award-winning innovation of PRG BAT Truss offers unprecedented creative flexibility, structural safety, and cost-saving reductions in both time and storage needs. Our well-respected rigging team includes ETCP qualified personnel and we pride ourselves on our safety program. PRG’s rigging is trusted by clients across market segments and is used across the production disciplines of lighting, video, audio and scenic.

Scenic Solutions

We work closely with our clients to select the correct materials and the proper techniques that will ensure the uncompromising execution of every design. PRG employs craftsmen that are masters at their trades—scenic artists, sculptors, mold makers, steelworkers, carpenters, and engineers—many of them with over two decades or more experience. That invaluable depth of expertise in every scenic discipline at PRG means that at every stage, from construction to finish work, a client can be assured that PRG provides painstaking attention to detail and quality.

Whether looking for drapery, carpentry, sculpting, decking, and/or painting our state-of-the art shop facilities have the space to not only construct but to setup and test all scenery and automation prior to leaving our facilities. This ensures an efficient load-in experience for our clients.

Social Media Integration

Build and nurture a vibrant community for your attendees.

PRG Presents lets you incorporate social media—including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feeds—into your meeting content, allowing you to create a sense of community that extends far beyond the four walls of the conference center.

Stream social media where it has the highest impact.
PRG Presents lets you display social media feeds in digital signage located in high-traffic areas where attendees have the greatest opportunity to see it. You can also feature live social media feeds during and between presentations, keeping your audience interested and engaged.

Get feedback in real time.
PRG Presents’ social media capabilities create an instantaneous feedback loop as attendees share reactions and opinions to speakers, topics and the meeting itself.

Increase audience engagement.
By allowing your attendees to view and contribute to event-related social media, PRG Presents extends and reinforces your community. People who weren’t able to attend the meeting also benefit from attendees’ live updates from the event.


At PRG we know that a strong, stable foundation is at the core of any successful endeavor and that is why PRG ensures that our staging solutions are unmatched in the industry. We offer rugged, reliable construction that is the PRG hallmark of this workhorse scenic element, whether stationary, multi-leveled, or automated to lift, roll or slide PRG has the experience to solve the most challenging of decking designs. For touring, theatrical events, television broadcasts, live events, festivals and/or any and all other temporary need staging applications PRG has the right team to develop the right solution.

We have even developed the popular staging solution – the PRG Rolling Deck. It is a flexible, portable stage that offers strength and durability and is also quick to assemble. The Rolling Deck is engineered for safe, efficient and rapid deployment and is easily repositioned and reconfigured. The design is based on a standard 4’x8’ (1.22m x 2.44m) size. PRG’s Rolling Deck is ideal for all markets.

Sustainability Services

Minimizing Environmental Impact in Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Technology Products and Services

PRG helps you minimize your productions' impact to the environment throughout the design, manufacture, support, and use of our products and services by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve raw materials and energy. We are committed to recycling of materials, lamps, and other expendable items from our lighting, audio, video, and scenic operations. We recycle used equipment to extend the lives of durable items and minimizing electricity consumption through the efficient design of our lighting and power distribution systems. We use environment-friendly products and practices in the manufacture and maintenance of our products including working to reduce volatile organic compounds in manufacturing and rental operations. 

PRG understands the need to minimize fuel consumption through careful planning and management of logistics. This includes combining orders on trucks whenever possible and transferring inventory between locations to minimize long-distance deliveries. We utilize paperless systems whenever possible for processing bids, notices, purchase orders, and invoices. Our innovative testing and equipment handling equipment and processes reduce test times of equipment to lower electrical consumption while ensuring quality. PRG will also suggest substitutions of more energy-efficient technologies in place of requested technologies whenever the substitutions will fulfill your performance objectives.

Trade Show Services

Integrated event solutions for trade shows and exhibits.

PRG provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, LED technology, scenic, rigging, automation systems, audience response and computer equipment solutions for trade shows and exhibits. With PRG’s extensive network of over 40 offices throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, we can provide worldwide coverage and support for any trade show program.

Full Spectrum Exhibit Solutions
The PRG Trade Show Services Team can provide a full spectrum of audiovisual exhibit solutions for any size exhibit space and any level of complexity. PRG can offer solutions for portable, modular, system, or custom exhibit structures and will work directly with each client from concept, through setup and support during and after the show.

24/7 Trade Show Technical Support
The PRG Trade Show Services Team Provides:

  • Pre-show customer support and consultation
  • Online ordering
  • Exhibitor outreach e-marketing campaigns 
  • Equipment usage reports
  • On-site support
  • Daily equipment power-up
  • Around-the-clock support

Venue Selection & Event Site Consulting

Let us help you find the ideal destination.

Often the most challenging first step in your planning process, venue selection is critically important to the success of your event. At PRG, we draw on extensive experience in delivering productions in each and every state across the country to help you find the perfect location to satisfy your space, accessibility, budgetary and creative requirements.

When it comes to venue selection, we can do as little or as much as you need. Want us to accompany you to an onsite walk-through? We’ve got you covered. Need help ensuring technical requirements and logistics planning sync up in a safe and efficient manner? We can take care of all of the logistical details to guarantee a swift and cost effective load in and load out and we can help you protect the safety of all staff, crew, and attendees involved by assisting you in developing an appropriate life safety plan for your event.  For all of your site sourcing and planning needs, lean on PRG to help you find the best possible venue.


PRG offers a range of meeting & event video systems including image magnification, video image blending, and high-quality video production and editing. From educational session projectors, confidence monitors, digital signage and exhibit monitors to playback systems in general sessions, high-end large format video projection with blending and 3-D mapping. PRG will work with your team to design the best possible video solution to fit your venue and presentation requirements.

  • Widescreen video
  • Ultra wide screen 50‘ to 500’
  • Video mapping
  • LED screens
  • High Definition playback and recording abilities
  • Video projectors for breakout rooms to large event 40kHD projectors
  • Seamless bezel video tiles and monitors
  • Standard definition and high definition camera packages
  • Multiple screen switching systems

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