Live TV

When it comes to live television production, there's no company better suited to support the technical demands of it better than PRG. We have been involved with some of the biggest live TV productions, from large international sporting events to award shows; live musical performances and major events; and live to tape competition programming; all of which can absolutely not afford any down time. Television producers have one shot at a live production, so any technical area can make or break a production. We have assembled teams of experienced technicians and knowledgeable account executives who totally understand the pressure that live TV production creates. We back them up with the most professional production equipment that has been tested and teched in advance of the production. We pride ourselves on providing reliable systems, no matter how large or sophisticated. We have performed, under pressure, on many of the highest profile televised productions. Year in and year out, there's a reason that broadcast and cable networks, producers, and designers continue to specify personnel and technology solutions from PRG. There is no one else that they would put their trust, and reputation, in for such high-profile televised live productions.

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5.1 Mix

Our state-of-the-art, ProTools 5.1 mix room is built for speed. Integrated into our shared storage network, our mix room can ride on the same media as our edit suites and color rooms, streamlining the mix process and making additional editorial seamless.

We offer a 16 channel flying fader D-Control work surface with surround joystick panners, Genelec DSP monitors (3 x 8250 (L C R), 2 x 8240 (Ls Rs) 7270A 12” subwoofer), and a fully computer controlled and digitally tuned listening environment.

In addition, the mix room includes Dolby E DP571 Encoder and DP572 Decoder, a Dolby DP570 Multichannel Audio Tool, Linear Acoustic UPMAX 2251 5.1 surround-field synthesizer, Waves Platinum Bundle, and access to a 60,000+ sound effects library. Finally, the mix room features a large, floating, and isolated VO Booth with video conferencing.


Whatever the production—from a live broadcast production to a one-off shoot; or a major theatrical production to a talking head at a lectern—PRG audio systems set the standard for the industry. Our staff draws on years of technical experience to get the details right and achieve a perfectly balanced and tuned system to fit every production. We supply equipment for all aspects of television, theatre, and live events.

PRG’s inventory of audio gear is well suited for any size production, including consoles, wireless systems, speaker systems, and signal processing. PRG modifies stock equipment and customizes rigging and cabling to meet your audio requirements. PRG will staff your productions with the industry’s best audio designers, engineers, mixers, and technicians.

Let PRG work with your team to design, coordinate, and provide the sound system that meets your audio requirements for each aspect of your production.


Our finishing suites are built with the latest offerings from Avid Symphony, and DaVinci Resolve with Avid Euphonix Color Control Surfaces or Tangent Wave Panels.

Tied into our shared storage network and mix room, we specialize in broadcast clients and independent films requiring high quality, quick turn arounds.

We offer a full compliment of decks, from HDCAM SR to DVC Pro, for mastering and outputs, as well as LTFS archiving.

Edit Suites

From our 32nd Street facility in New York City, PRG Post provides expansive non-linear editing solutions for broadcast series, televised sports, entertainment events, feature films and documentaries. Our engineering department manages multiple shared storage solutions including Unity 5 and ISIS 5000, seamlessly integrated into our 10 edit suites.

We cater to clients requiring a streamlined approach to post production, taking on some of the most challenging projects in the world. We match the ideal editorial talent to suite the creative of your project, big or small.

The facility includes 24 hour electronic security access, wired and encrypted wireless internet with a dedicated 100 MB/sec connection, and a facility wide Leibert power conditioner and backup. We run the latest versions of Media Composer / Symphony, Adobe After Effects / Premiere, as well as FInal Cut 7. In addition, we offer a fully functional kitchen space with complimentary craft services, and a production “pit” for assistant editors and loggers.

Shared environment workflows are the backbone of our 32nd Street edit facility conveniently located in Manhattan.

Grip & Gaffer Trucks

Having worked for years in the film and television industries, PRG and PRG Paskal has a lot of experience working in support of Grips and Gaffers. We field fully stocked and prepped Grip/Gaffer trucks with a wide range of tools, products, and expendable products that they need to fully do their jobs on film or studio locations. While working on location, Grips and Gaffers don’t have the luxury of going to their shop to pick up a necessary tool or film equipment. These trucks are their shops while working on location and we have poured our years of experience into making them the best support facilities that we can so they can properly do their jobs and not have to worry that something is missing or not on hand.


Lighting Equipment to Fit Every Lighting Design Requirement

PRG lighting solutions are among the industry’s most advanced, offering unequaled feature sets with no compromises in performance. All of our proprietary lighting solutions were developed for superior energy efficiency, maximized output, and with a keen understanding of individual user’s needs. PRG builds products that you cannot find elsewhere to solve a wide-range of lighting challenges.

PRG also offers the industry’s best-known brands in lighting solutions from conventional lights to automated luminaires to solid-state lighting.


 How to Get The Right Gear and People, in the Right Place, at the Right Time

Whether transporting personnel and materials, storage, or organizing travel, the logistics required in connection with an event are not to be underestimated. The larger the project or the greater the distance to the venue, the more critical it is to carefully plan, book, and manage material handling, transport, flights, and hotels. The loading, unloading and on-site storage of materials also needs to be organized.  Logistics may also include space planning for the outdoor areas and the scheduling of delivery traffic​​.

There is No Substitute for Experience
Knowing how to effectively pack, manage, ship, and deliver materials while optimizing both delivery timing and costs comes from years of experience. PRG begins logistics planning at the beginning of each project - defining event production solutions that will deliver an exceptional event while keeping an eye on any potential logistics challenges. The result is reduced risks, timely and cost-effective event delivery, and successful events.

Logistics Knows no Boundaries
With offices on five continents, PRG manages logistics on a global scale and offers complete international solutions. Our global infrastructure covers Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and the Asia Pacific regions.


A Great Tool for Brainstorming, Planning, or Pitching Creative Shows or Events

In many of our facilities, PRG provides dedicated studio space for clients to pre-visualize their lighting, scenic automation, and video in a virtual 3D environment in advance of selecting equipment or producing scenic elements. The primary reasons clients use pre-visualization are to visualize different looks or integrated movement in a virtual environment, to determine the best methods for reaching their design goals, to allow producers to pitch creative ideas to their clients, and to rough-in cue structure for the show in advance of arrival at the show venue.

PRG Paskal

PRG Paskal has been proudly servicing the motion picture industry for over 22 years, boasting one of largest inventories of state-of-the-art lighting and grip equipment. In addition we have a fully stocked Expendable store ready to fulfill any Expendable needs you may have. Our fleet of Production vehicles are ready to accommodate any size production large or small.


With PRG's video and projection experts, filmmakers can layer in video projection for shooting live, in-camera effects without the need for a chromakey screen and post production visual effects processing. By using the PRG Mbox Designer media server, combined with large format, high resolution video projectors, a sky or scenery can be projected onto a screen or cyc behind the talent to create a real-feeling environment. Bring your creative challenges to PRG and we will work with you to find the right technical solution paired with our trained video technicians and account executives. 



Safe and Reliable Rigging Solutions Meticulously Designed with an Eye on Every Detail

Our dependable rigging solutions employ unprecedented innovations that reduce setup and dismantle times, as well as offer flexible creativity in event design. All of the PRG rigging team and PRG rigging products address the need for structural safety, compact storage and ease of transport. We continually not only meet industry standards but well exceed them in both workmanship and the selection of components. 

We have also pushed the creative possibilities with the development of PRG’s purpose-built truss and rigging products. Our award-winning innovation of PRG BAT Truss offers unprecedented creative flexibility, structural safety, and cost-saving reductions in both time and storage needs. Our well-respected rigging team includes ETCP qualified personnel and we pride ourselves on our safety program. PRG’s rigging is trusted by clients across market segments and is used across the production disciplines of lighting, video, audio and scenic.

Scenic Automation

We are industry leaders in all forms of automation and motion control; having extensive experience incorporating a full range of automation options into scenic elements. From proprietary automation control systems to purposed-designed winches, we can solve the simplest to the most complex of motion challenges. Our decades of experience, attention to detail and our extensive knowledge of the practical demands of automation in a wide range of production environments, allows PRG to provide motion control that is executed with precision, accuracy and repeatability in the safest and most effective manner possible. Designers and operators trust PRG to provide precise control of scenic effects for Broadway and touring shows, Las Vegas spectaculars, corporate and trade shows, concert tours, theme park attractions and special events around the world.

Scenic Elements

At PRG, our commitment to the integrity of the designer’s vision and delivering solutions extends to our attention to the smallest of details. Our master craftsmen work in tandem with our technical designers to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality; fully functional, efficiently constructed, and completely safe. We have a large expert workforce of industry-respected professionals; in fact many of our craftsman have over two decades of experience. PRG brings a rich history of elegantly executed scenery and props work, along with technically advanced engineering, to all our clients’ projects.

Our skilled and talented team puts in careful planning to create an element that replicates the design exactly while also integrating structure considerations, set electrification needs and/or touring transport requirements. We know that prop construction is a balance of visual and practical needs that PRG understands extremely well. Regardless of the size or application, our team will help to technically design a solution and construct a reliable, durable prop that exceeds both the project’s design and function requirements.


PRG offers a range of video solutions for filmmakers including the latest projectors with a range of outputs, LED video screens from high through low resolution imaging, and media servers and consoles for controlling and manipulating the images. We back all of this technology up with the best trained technicians and account executives to work with you to get that just right image for your production.

Here are just a few of our video solutions that filmmakers can draw upon:

Widescreen video
Ultra wide screens up to 360°
Video mapping
Pixel mapping
LED video screens
High definition playback and recording abilities
Video projectors up to 40K HD resolutions
Seamless bezel video tiles and monitors
Standard definition and high definition camera packages
Multiple screen switching systems
Whether you need 3D video mapping, edge blending, or pixel mapping for your film, PRG can work with you to find and deliver that just right solution to your creative challenges. and high-quality video production and editing. From educational session projectors, confidence monitors, digital signage and exhibit monitors to playback systems in general sessions, high-end large format video projection with blending and 3-D mapping. PRG will work with your team to design the best possible video solution to fit your venue and presentation requirements.


At PRG we know that a strong, stable foundation is at the core of any successful endeavor and that is why PRG ensures that our staging solutions are unmatched in the industry. We offer rugged, reliable construction that is the PRG hallmark of this workhorse scenic element, whether stationary, multi-leveled, or automated to lift, roll or slide PRG has the experience to solve the most challenging of decking designs. For touring, theatrical events, television broadcasts, live events, festivals and/or any and all other temporary need staging applications PRG has the right team to develop the right solution.

We have even developed the popular staging solution – the PRG Rolling Deck. It is a flexible, portable stage that offers strength and durability and is also quick to assemble. The Rolling Deck is engineered for safe, efficient and rapid deployment and is easily repositioned and reconfigured. The design is based on a standard 4’x8’ (1.22m x 2.44m) size. PRG’s Rolling Deck is ideal for all markets.

Sustainability Services

Minimizing Environmental Impact in Design, Manufacture, and Installation of Technology Products and Services

PRG helps you minimize your productions' impact to the environment throughout the design, manufacture, support, and use of our products and services by reusing, recycling, and adopting processes that conserve raw materials and energy. We are committed to recycling of materials, lamps, and other expendable items from our lighting, audio, video, and scenic operations. We recycle used equipment to extend the lives of durable items and minimizing electricity consumption through the efficient design of our lighting and power distribution systems. We use environment-friendly products and practices in the manufacture and maintenance of our products including working to reduce volatile organic compounds in manufacturing and rental operations. 

PRG understands the need to minimize fuel consumption through careful planning and management of logistics. This includes combining orders on trucks whenever possible and transferring inventory between locations to minimize long-distance deliveries. We utilize paperless systems whenever possible for processing bids, notices, purchase orders, and invoices. Our innovative testing and equipment handling equipment and processes reduce test times of equipment to lower electrical consumption while ensuring quality. PRG will also suggest substitutions of more energy-efficient technologies in place of requested technologies whenever the substitutions will fulfill your performance objectives.


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