PRG 5L Wash

The PRG 5L Wash is an LED retrofit to the original, award-winning, Vari-Lite VL5. Using the existing VL5 footprint and lens system, the 5L is a true replacement for the previous generation of VL5. The 5L keeps the visual look of the VL5 that designers love but brings the fixture into the LED era.

  • 340 Watt RGBW LED Engine with virtual color wheel.
  • 16-bit electronic dimming for full-field dimming from 0% to 100% with smooth control and no CRI shift.
  • 6,000+ Lumens with an 80+ CRI.
  • Digital color temperature adjustment from 3200K-7000K.
  • On-board addressing/configuration with local DMX and True1 Input/Thru – no more S300 Racks or Smart Repeaters.

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