Bad Boy® HP Framing

The Bad Boy® HP Framing delivers all the features of the Bad Boy® HP, with the addition of framing shutters. It is a modernized, enhanced version of the industry-leading Bad Boy® luminaire from PRG.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • 55,000 lumens
  • 8:1 zoom, from narrow spot of 7° to wide flood of 56°
  • Four-blade framing system features four, independent blades mounted in four planes
  • Full-field dimming from 0 to 100% with accurate slow-speed control and fast bumps
  • Servo-powered, lightning fast strobe
  • Variable frost for smooth diffusion

The Bad Boy® HP Framing is a modernized, enhanced version of the industry-leading Bad Boy® luminaire from PRG. By adding a precision controlled fully-closing framing system, designers have even more possibilities with one of the most powerful and robust luminaires in the market. The Bad Boy® HP Framing has upgraded internal components including the optical zoom system and ballast reliability. It is the ideal choice whenever a big-beam look is required, such as when playing in front of high-brightness LED screens.


Bad Boy HP Spot User Manual

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