Best Boy® Wash

The PRG Best Boy® is available in three versions - Best Boy® HP, Best Boy HP® Framing, and Best Boy HP® Wash. These extremely versatile fixtures offer a wide range of features.

  • 60,000+ lumens
  • 6:1 zoom, from a narrow beam of 10° to a wide flood of 60°

  • Gray-scale glass dimmer for full-field dimming with accurate slow-speed control and fast bumps
  • Lightning fast strobe wheel

The Best Boy® Wash produces an even, clean white beam with no green tint and no hot spots. It's CMY color-mixing system offers strong, saturated colors as well as a wide array of tints and lighter hues; a five color fixed wheel includes a superior UV filter for blacklight effects and a minus green filter. The unique color temperature wheel allows designers to match color temperature from 3,200K to 8,000K and, along with the minus green filter on the fixed color wheel, is ideal for on-camera lighting.

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • CAD Drawings
    • Best Boy 2D Icons DWG

    • Best Boy 3D DWG

    • Best Boy Roadcase

    • Best Boy Roadcase Views

    • PRG Library

  • Console Profiles
    • BestBoy120MA1Profiles

    • bestboy4000cvd

    • Best-Boy-4000-grandMA2-Profiles

    • BestBoy4000Virt6x

    • BestBoy4000VProf1

    • Best-Boy-4000-Whole-Hog-2

    • bestboyhog3libtar

    • bestboyshutterhog3libtar

    • EOSFixtureLib2739

    • PRGBestBoy45chhedChamsys155

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