Bad Boy® HP

PRG’s Bad Boy® HP Spot and Bad Boy® Beam FX are elegantly engineered, hybrid luminaires that combine the qualities of traditional automated lights in a large venue fixture.

Technical Characteristics and Features:

  • Produces a powerful 50,000 lumens
  • Zoom range of 8:1 from a narrow spot of 7° to a wide flood of 56°
  • CMY color mixing, plus designer color wheel
  • Two indexing, rotating gobo wheels, 7 gobos per wheel
  • Maintains edge control of the gobos through the full zoom range with no reduction in brightness
  • Beam FX users can go from hard-edge to soft edge mid-aerial effects with a combination of new gobos in the rotating gobo wheels
  • Beam FX can be layered with other features including variable diffusion wheel, greyscale dimmer and beam-sized iris

Powerful output, brilliant optics, and road-ready, the Bad Boy offers a host of advanced features while delivering high output and brilliant optics. Efficient re-lamping, addressing, and overall ease of handling make it the ideal solution for touring.


Bad Boy HP Spot User Manual

Bad Boy HP Spot Field Service Manual

Bad Boy Photometrics User Manual

Followspot Controller User Manual


Bad Boy HP Datasheet

Bad Boy Beam FX Datasheet

Bad Boy Photometrics User Manual

Bad Boy HP Color Gobo Guide

Bad Boy HP Visual Guide

DMX Guides

Bad Boy HP DMX Mapping

CAD Drawings

Bad Boy 3D

Bad Boy 3D ASM

Bad Boy Family 2D Symbols DWG

Bad Boy Family 3D Simple DWG

Bad Boy Family CAD

Technical Bulletin

Bad Boy Additional Safety Bulletin

Bad Boy Baseplate Retrofit Bulletin

Bad Boy Rain Protection Bulletin

TN-051 Fixture Control Channel Timing

Gobo Assembly GBO-001 Update HP

Console Profiles







Bad Boy v304

Bad Boy v302

Release Notes

BAD024 Bad Boy v304 Software Release Notes

BAD022 Bad Boy v302 Software Release Notes

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