GroundControl™ Followspot System Family of Products

Winner of an Engineering Emmy award, this is a family of products scalable to all venue sizes and types. Followspots can be remotely controlled from as far as 2,000 ft resulting in efficiencies in overall weight, minimizing seat kills and allowing followspots to be be positioned almost anywhere.

  • GroundControl™ Best Boy® HP with a 33,000 lumen output, is optimized for short to medium throw followspot work.

  • GroundControl™ Bad Boy® as a powerful 55,000 lumen output and a standard zoom range of 8:1 zoom range, as well as an ultra narrow zoom mode

  • GroundControl™ Longthrow is an advanced automated followspot, designed specifically for long throw applications, where high output is critical. 

  • GroundControl™ 4-Way Switch lets users switch between up to four luminaires from one controller

  • GroundControl™ Multi lets operators use one controller to operate multiple PRG fixtures (up to 13) simultaneously

With the GroundControl (GC) Followspot System, the operator is located away from the luminaire, making the required physical footprint significantly smaller than conventional followspots. Because of this small footprint and low weight, followspots can now be placed in a wide variety of positions. The system features a built-in HD Camera with night vision mode to enable operators to pick up a performer on a virtually black stage.

For more information choose one of the resources:

  • Manuals
    • GroundControl Followspot User Manual

    • GroundControl Followspot System Spec Sheet

    • GroundControl Followspot System Diagram

    • GC Multi Spec Sheet

    • GC 4-Way Switch Spec Sheet

    • GC Best Boy Spec Sheet

    • GC Best Boy Color and Gobo Spec Sheet

    • GC Best Boy Photometric Guide

    • GC Bad Boy Spec Sheet

    • GC Bad Boy Color and Gobo Spec Sheet

    • GC Bad Boy Photometric Guide

    DMX Guides
    • GC Bad Boy DMX Mapping

    • GC Best Boy DMX Mapping

    Technical Bulletins
    • TN-051 Fixture Control Channel Timing

  • CAD Drawings
    • GroundControl 2D Views_v2012

    • GroundControl 3D DWG

    • GroundControl 3D Raw v2012

    • GroundControl Followspot Ortho

    • GroundControl Followspot Roadcase

    • GroundControl Followspot Trussbox 3D

    • GroundControl Trussbox Ortho

    • Bad Boy Followspot 3D

    • Bad Boy Followspot ortho

    • Bad Boy Followspot Roadcase

    • Best Boy Ortho Views

    • Best Boy Roadcase Ortho Views

    • GroundControl Umbilical

    • GroundControl Umbilical v2012

    • GroundControl 4-Way Switch Front View

    • PRG Library

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