Alliance BR

Alliance BR is a technology integrator offering a complete solution for audiovisual technical production in Brazil. 

Answering to a market demand three of the most important audiovisual companies in the country came together to offer the best in lighting, sound, rigging and video technologies for live events and entertainment:

- Crialed Producoes Visuais supplies video systems for events and entertainment and has been one of the primary video providers in Brazil for 10 years. The company is specialized in complete solutions as LED panels indoor and outdoor, video and signal processor, switchers and plasma screens.

- Loudness Sound offers audio solutions for concerts in stadiums, music shows, theater plays, corporate events, sport events, Broadway shows and exhibitions. As the only users of the L-Acoustics K1 in South America, Loudness also offers sound line array Kara, V-DOSC, dV-DOSC & Kudo (K Standard), Meyer Sound M3D, Milo & M’Elody and JBL Vertec VT 4889/ VT 4880A systems. The company also offers services in live broadcast and fix installations.

- LPL Lighting Productions provides services for implementation and project development stage lighting for concerts, corporate events, sports, fashion, architectural designs, parties, DVD recording and television programs, in addition to the equipment leasing. For over 35 Years, LPL’s owners and lighting designers sum up experiences in national and international markets, having with a main foundation for excellence in the quality of services. LPL has integrated equipment control, own fleet and a studio for programming virtual concerts and events.

Today Alliance BR is a one-stop shop for project management, logistics and sourcing from these three companies, offering a smooth integration and onsite delivery of all technologies.

The company has a long experience in working with international clients in Brazil, as well as serving Brazilian clients abroad with the support of the PRG Alliance platform. They work with the best equipment brands serving the markets of conventions, product launches, seminars and conferences, marketing activation campaigns, special projects, expositions, social events, sports, shows and festivals. 

With qualified professionals who are constant updated with training and workshops, and continual investment in new technologies, Alliance BR is the right partner for your project.

  • Audio 
  • Communication Systems
  • Rigging 
  • Video / LED / Projection
  • Lighting

Alliance BR

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Phone: +55 11 99644 7550

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