Easy Group

EASYGROUP is an Experiential agency that operates in Central Africa and provides solutions in 4 main domaines ; Operational Marketing, Events, Print and Audio Visuals. 

The last decade has seen the firm operate with both local and international brands in the fields of Telecommunication, Fast  moving products , Hospitality, Beverages and Media. 

Over 500 events on record through out central Africa ranging from Concerts (1000 to 20 000 people), Fashion Shows, Product launch, Corporate meetings, Press conferences and weddings. 

EASYGROUP is the PRG Alliance partner for the CEMAC region: Chad, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Republic of Congo.


  • Sound
  • Light
  • Video 
  • Stage
  • LED (In&outdoor screens and LED floor)
  • Event strategic recommendation
  • Brand Activation
  • TV & Radio productions

Easy Group

Douala, Cameroon

Phone: +237 679 16 48 53 – +237 695 38 50 40
E-Mail: experience@easygroup.agency
Web: https://www.easygroupexperiences.com/

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