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PRG ensures the availability of highly specialised fabrics manufactured to meet world-class standards for the unique requirements of the entertainment and event industries. Each fabric has its own unique properties and must be skillfully sewn to create the perfect drapery for each function. Working closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of fabrics and using quality materials based on quality and durability, we offer the most unique selection of fabrics available. PRG’s ongoing efforts to advance fabric technologies include the development and manufacture of exclusive fabrics for PRG Showdrapes. We have set an industry standard with the innovation of our Grand IFR Velvet drape and IFR Ultimate and Theatre Wool drapes.

The PRG Showdrapes division has spacious facilities that can handle any size drapery project and custom fabrication. With the highest-quality machinery, our skilled team crafts draperies that will last for years. We have pre-hang capabilities in our shop as well as compressed air cleaning, so every drape is handled and delivered in pristine condition.

The uses of drapery and fabrics in the entertainment industry are as varied as the fabric selection is vast. PRG is always happy to meet with customers to discuss fabric options and to show samples of available materials. 

  • Stage Drapes—IFR Wool
  • Stage Velvets & Velveteen
  • Chromakey Stage Fabrics
  • Filled Cloth & Gauzes
  • Stage & Theatre Canvas
  • Special Stage Fabrics

Stage Drapes—IFR Wool

Ultimate IFR
PRG's flagship fabric, Ultimate IFR Wool has raised the industry standard for black wool drapes and was introduced by PRG as an alternative to our regular IFR Theatre Wool. The wool content is 100% Australian, with 5% nylon for added strength, resulting in the ultimate quality black wool masking which drapes beautifully. It is ideally suited to theatre and television applications.

IFR Theatre Wool

IFR Theatre Wool has been a PRG staple for black wool drapes for many years. It is hanging in major venues throughout the country. Originally developed by PRG and the first of its type developed specifically for the Australian market, the original IFR wool is well known for its quality and consistency. It is ideally suited to theatre and television applications.

IFR Theatre Wool

Flame Retardant Icon

Ultimate/Black IFR Wool Datasheet

Stage Velvets & Velveteen

A beautiful and luxurious fabric, traditionally used for Grand Front Drapes (House Curtains) in Theatre and it is often embellished with fringes and braid for dramatic effect. Black velvet is sometimes preferred as a stage masking (Our Sovereign IFR Velvet in black is perfect for masking). Regular stock colours can include burgundy, red, and royal but many non-stock colours are also available.

Similar to velvet in appearance, velveteen generally has a shorter pile and a lighter base cloth. The PRG Royal velveteen is manufactured from inherently flame retardant polyester and is often used as event drapery or lining for our Grand Drapes.


Flame Retardant Icon

Grand IFR Velvet & Velveteen Datasheet
Grand IFR Velvet Colour Chart

Chromakey Stage Fabrics

Polykey is a new, inherently flame retardant, matte fabric. The latest in keying fabric, for use in television and film production and photography. Designed for consistent color from dye lot to dye lot, with a brushed finish, Polykey is lightweight and easily manageable regardless of the screen size. Polykey stores well and loses its creases when hung. PRG Showdrapes can manufacture finished screens to any required size or finish, from small screens to entire studio installations.

Available in Digital Green and Digital Blue.

Flame Retardant Icon


PolyKey IFR Chromakey Datasheet

Filled Cloth & Gauzes

Filled Cloth:
A wide width, seamless, gauze style fabric that is generally used as a backdrop (cyclorama) in theatre and television studios to create an infinite look – it accepts light evenly and makes an excellent projection surface. PRG uses a 100% cotton Filled Cloth available in standard width 9.2m and wide width 10.5m.

Sharkstooth Gauze:
A traditional special effects fabric used in Theatre and Television. A wide width, seamless fabric, it can appear completely transparent or opaque depending on how it is lit, and is often painted with scenic artwork. Available in white, black, or grey in 9m wide or 10.5m wide.

Sharkstooth Gauze

*Gauze (alternate):
PRG can supply a range of alternate and less common gauzes including Square Gauze, Bobbinet, and other scenic gauzes.

Filled Cloth & Gauze Datasheet

Stage & Theatre Canvas

Canvas is a traditional multi-use fabric. Often used for large painted backdrops, studio cycloramas, to cover scenic flats and as floor cloths. PRG carries a range of canvas to suit these applications. When used for scenic elements or painted backdrops, a water-based scenic paint should be used and the finished drop will need to be treated to become flame retardant.

Stage Theatre Canvas Datasheet

Special Stage Fabrics

Stage Netting :
Stage netting has various applications; in theatre it can be used to create scenic effects where elements need to appear to have open space around them. An example of this would be foliage attached to netting to help.

A unique scenic product that combines the appearance of a textile with the formable characteristics of aluminium sheeting. Composed of flexible aluminium with textile laminated onto one or both sides, FORMTEX can be used to create three-dimensional scenic features.


Silk is a natural material which hangs beautifully and is suitable for presentation curtains, and special theatrical applications. It is available in a range of colours and can be dyed or painted with silk paints. Silk requires flame retardancy treatment.


Molton is 3 meter wide brushed cotton. Its’ dense matt appearance and affordability make this a budget alternative as a masking fabric. Available in black, white, and Chromakey green and Chromakey blue.


Molton Datasheet

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