Valorant Champions Tour 2024 : Madrid Masters

The Valorant Champions Tour 2024: Madrid Masters, also known as the #VCT Masters Madrid, was a world-renowned tournament organized by Riot Games for the popular first-person shooter game #Valorant as part of the Valorant Champions Tour competitive season.
PRG Spain played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of this major event by providing an impressive lighting and rigging setup. This setup included state-of-the-art equipment such as Grand MA3 full-size consoles, Grand MA3 NPU M units, Ayrton Huracán fixtures, PRG Icon Edge and Beam fixtures, GLP Bar, Astera Titan Tube fixtures, LED Strips and more. The entire lighting system was controlled by the Grand MA 3 in Mode 3, which was integrated into the Luminex system.
The event took place from March 14-24, 2024 at the Madrid Arena, where the 8 best teams from around the world competed for the coveted title of Masters Madrid Champion in Spain🏅

Bryan Klunder Lighting Designer
Ryan Healey Lighting Director 
Tiffany Keys Lighting Programmer
Cesar Lopez Gaffer 
Frank Maurice Janssens PRG Project Manager
Tim Probert  PRG Crew Chief 
Jose Maria Recio Gonzalez PRG Best Boy
Aaron Garcia-Mauriño Moran PRG System Tech
Zaida Dominguez Izquierdo PRG B.O.H. Tech
Jon Ander Ruiz de Azua Ezquiaga PRG B.O.H. Tech