PRG at the D6Bels Awards


A highlight for the music world this weekend: the presentation of the D6bels Music Awards 2018, broadcasted live by the Belgian tv channel the RTBF on Friday evening, the 26th of January.

Jean-Jacques Marotte was the designer for this live broadcast and PRG was in charge of lighting and video technology for this program.
Four curved LED screens of 14m length and 3m width were floating above the stage and consisted of 360 modules of PLED206E3 IP43.
The LED-backdrop of the stage measured 12m wide by 3m high and consisted of 120 ROE Blackface In & Outdoor modules.
The whole system was driven by 2 Arkaos Mediamaster Pro V5 and a GrandMA2.

The lighting kit included 14x PRG Best Boy HP, 50x PRG ICON Beam 280W, 60x PRG ICON EDGE 470W, 20x LED Flood P-5 Wash Light, 20x LED Flood/Blind/Strobe Q-7, 40x LED Striplite 1m, Impression X4 Bar 20, 62x LED Movinghead Magicpanel R Ayrton, 88x LED Movinghead Rogue R1-FXB, 2x Smoke machines SweFog XEON II Intellahazer. A Grand MA2 Full-size, 6 DMX-Interface MA NPU and 48x DMX-Splitters, 7-V, XLR-5 drove the lighting system.

PRG Account & Production Manager Laurent De La Haye worked with Project Manager Mathieu Antoine, Light Operator Rudy Fastré and Video Operator Jonathan Pirard.

We are once again proud of our team who has once again proven great professionalism and made this production a success for the second consecutive year!

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