On this page we are showing a listing of photographers whose pictures are used on our website. Currently we are not yet able to assign pictures to photographers on this page - we are working on it.

  • Kristiaan Dekeijser
  • Saskia Gaulke
  • Amanda Holmes
  • Detlev Klockow
  • Ralph Larmann
  • Thomas Rohwedder
  • Leif Schmodde
  • Florian Trettenbach
  • Manfred Vogel
  • Michael Zapf

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About PRG

PRG - Who are we

On our company page you learn more about PRG as a company, our history and which philosophy we represent.

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Present your ideas as they deserve it!

Read more about our services for event visualization

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Pre-Programming Suite

You want to be better prepared!

Through pre-production it is possible to time reduce installation and arrangement work at the event location.

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Our Studios

Prepare, rehearse, shoot ...

... our studios in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne are multifunctional useable!

PRG Best Boy
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Spacecannons: Always a great effects to attract attention!

7.000 W Spacecannons - an outdoor projector that is guaranteed to attract attention.

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