Negramaro’s spaceship lands in 6 Italian stadiums

Negramaro is touring through Italy again. His show “Amore Che Torni Tour Stadi 2018” will attract fans to 6 stadiums across the country. The tour, with over 155.000 tickets sold, is produced and organized by Live Nation Italy.

This show is exemplary of how video can intensify storytelling. The stage represents a spaceship, with a central MC12 screen that shapes the globe, flanked by two satellites and MC18 side screens. 8 Barco UDX 4K32 projectors are used for projection on the scrims that form the satellites. Just like in outer space, elements and screens are moving.
Behind this show is an ingenious technical set-up, with 5 risers cladded with Utile R3 video. 2 of those risers are laser controlled stage wagons that moved all over the stage as well as the catwalk and piloted via a complete wireless video signal through a Teradek wireless video system.

PRG is grateful to contribute to the “Amore Che Torni” tour, supplying video. Special thanks go to Claudio Santucci for the unique set design, Alberto Muller, production manager for Live Nation Italy, Bernd Bisson, crew chief for PRG and their entire teams!