La Louvière celebrates its 150 years by reaching for the moon

Every three years, La Louvière is the setting for one of world’s biggest outdoor theatre shows: ‘Décrocher la Lune’. For the 2018 edition, directed by Luc Petit Creation, the close collaboration of David Huyvaert, sound designer of the production, and Fabrizio Valsesia, PRG’s sound technical advisor, has made it possible to reduce the analog audio connections to the simplest form.
Thanks to our previous experiences, we created a complex DANTE network (Audinate) connecting all the audio elements of the very extensive area, providing sound for the Place Communale, the square of over 350 m2, where the show started and along the route to Place Maugrétout, via the Boulevard Mairaux. The sound kit consisted of 42 LS Adamson Line Arrays, 16 Adamson SUBs and 58 PRG/EMT Top cabinets.

Mélanie Dumoulin, Executive Producer of Décrocher la Lune says: “As we actually perform on a 800m2 stage - divided into one inside stage (La Louviere's Theater) and 2 mains squares linked by a boulevard - the technical support is one of the key element to the success of the event. What is more, the assembly of the whole cast can only be done in a two-day-time which means that we have to test the director's ideas and requests and sometimes be able to be reactive is something has to be changed because judged not efficient enough on the field.”

In addition to the sound, PRG also provided lighting. 6 follow spots ensured all eyes were on the splendid artists and magnificent eye catchers. 340 moving lights, Best Boy HP’s, Icon Edges, VL3000 and Sharpy Washes completed the magnificent show. We also provided 1200m of garlands that brightened La Louvières’ streets for its big night. To guarantee all 30,000 spectators on the two squares and alongside the boulevard could follow the magical performance in all its details, two 40K projection and 2 LED screens of 24m² in P8 were foreseen.

“We've been working with the PRG team for several editions now. We totally rely on the company's ability to adapt to the special context of the event. The team working on the event was very committed to our project and could adapt quickly to our last-minute requests. Reliability, trust and good mood: what else could be asked?” concludes Dumoulin.

We are once again proud of our PRG team: Adrien Roy (OSM Sound), Fabrizio Valsesia (PRG Sound Technical advisor), Mathieu Antoine (Production and On Site Manager), Laurent De La Haye (PRG Account and Production Manager) and their crew.

Our special thanks goes to the organization of Décrocher la Lune for their trust and unique collaboration:


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