Impressive video projection at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for the campaign launch of Deutsche Telekom

As one of the last events before the coronavirus-related restrictions, Deutsche Telekom had staged a video projection on three sides of the Elbphilharmonie (the famous new Hamburg Opera House) for the launch of its new campaign "X Times More Possibilities", with PRG commissioned for the technical implementation. A total area of almost 2,000 square metres had to be covered! For this purpose, a total of eight projection towers were erected around the Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall, each housed up to four laser projectors, some of which were vertically 'stacked', with an output of up to 50,000 AnsiLumen, which resulted in a brilliant and uniform presentation of the video content.

The whole thing was controlled by a feed control system consisting of four high-performance D3 servers that distributed the video content to the individual projectors. The setup allowed individual access to each projector, e.g. to adjust brightness, colour temperature and the position of the projection. In addition, a separate WLAN network was installed between the projection towers, so that fine adjustments could be made directly on site at any point around the building, with the help of a remote laptop shortly before the projection started. This was done by means of a 'grid' that was projected onto the walls to check whether the image overlays of the individual projectors were exactly right. This was also necessary because "the weather during the set-up phase was once again – typical for Hamburg – sensationally bad, so the installation and set-up of the projectors within a rather short time frame became a real challenge", explains Michael Ebinger (Senior Account Manager PRG) with a smile.

The agency DO IT! was responsible for the overall project management. The content was created by Urbanscreen. Majo Ussat (Managing Director at Urbanscreen) outlined the development process as follows: "At the beginning, Telekom had hardly any ideas, except that they had sent us a campaign motif and said: 'what can you make out of this'? We then made use of some stylistic elements as the polygonal 'grid', a classic 3D mapping effect (with the cuboids going in and out), and then of course implemented the campaign motif "X Times More" with the Telekom logo. All this was spiced up a bit with Hamburg symbols, such as anchors, cranes and also a big ship."

On the day of the event itself, the weather in Hamburg showed a more merciful side, there was no rain and the wind kept within limits, so that the guests and also the Hamburg residents were offered a perfect projection spectacle. "At the end of the day, the result was to the point and what it should be: a great campaign start, a support of the Telekom street gigs and a bit of a greeting for Hamburg from Telekom. All the feedback we've received has been consistently positive," Majo Ussat sums up.

PRG was pleased that this event went smoothly and to the satisfaction of the customer, thus once again demonstrating its competence in outdoor projections of this size and quality.